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Itasca County Trail Conditions


Snowmobiling Trail Reports

  • 3-22-17 Itasca County Snowmobiling is done for the season. The trails are not officially closed, but to all reports, not enough snow on the trails.

Additional Information can be found on the following Facebook Pages:

Swampsiders Snowmobile Club Facebook Page

Marcell Snowdrifters Facebook Page

Haypoint Jackpine Snowmobile Club Facebook Page

Lawron Trail Riders Snowmobile Club – Minnesota Facebook Page

Driftskipper Facebook Page

Greenway Snowmobile Club Facebook Page

Taconite Snowmobile Trail

Don’t forget that Snowmobile Safety Certification is required by law for residents born after December 31, 1976.  Click HERE for more information.

Snowmobiling Information


ATV Trail Reports

  • 3-13-17 Aitkin County opened Soo Line for ATV early – now OPEN.
  • 02-27-17 In Itasca County ATV Trails have a variety of open dates. The Rabey Line, Soo Line, Alborn open on April 1st. Blandin ATV Trail opens May 15th, Chippewa National Forest opens May 1st, Little Moose, Northwoods, and Thistledew open May 15th.

Safety training is recommended for everyone who operates an OHV. It is required for ATV riders born after July 1, 1987, and OHM riders under the age of 16. Click HERE for more information.

Fat Tire Biking

  • 3-22-17 The Legion trails are officially closed until further notice. Posted both east and west ends.
  • 2-24-17 Fat Tire Bike Trails are still open at Forest History Center. Call for open times and rates: 218-327-4482.

Skiing Trail Reports – For specific individual ski trails report, please visit:

  • 3-22-17 Cross Country Ski Trails are pretty much closed. They do not officially close until April 1st, but from all of the reports, not enough snow on the trails. Legion officially CLOSED as of today.
  • 3-10-17 Mt Itasca is officially closed for the season.

Remember to purchase your Great MN Ski Pass and make a donation for the grooming!

Updated trail conditions will be posted on and

For More information about Mount Itasca contact them at (218) 326-1313 or follow them on Facebook

A ski pass is required on Mt Itasca trails and the Great MN Ski Pass is required on all Itasca County Ski Trails.  Membership information to the Northern Lights Nordic Ski Club is available by calling 218-326-1313 or email: 

Skiing Information

Trail Condition Resources:

From ride planning to managing your vehicles, we provide you with the tools to plan your next adventure!

From ride planning to managing your vehicles, we provide you with the tools to plan your next adventure!

How Are The Trails In Itasca County?

In Grand Rapids we celebrate Winter and all of the outdoor recreation that is available.  This page is designated to post the Itasca County Trail Conditions for Hiking, Biking, Cross Country Skiing and Snowmobiling. We want to thank the trail managers, snowmobile clubs, Itasca County and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for keeping us updated as to conditions.  We post updated trail conditions as they are made available. In Grand Rapids, we are proud to be in Minnesota’s Nature.

Ski or Snowmobile Through Northern Minnesota

The cross country ski trails are available for year-round enjoyment.  Snowmobile trails are open each year from December 1 to April 1.  Some trails may open or close earlier based on seasonal conditions. Snowmobile trails are maintained by the local Minnesota snowmobile clubs and the Department of Natural Resources. The local clubs rely on their member volunteers to keep this trail system in top condition. Please support them in any way you can and respect the trails you ride.



ATV Trail Reports

  • 3-22-17 ATV Trail Openings – Rabey,
  • 3-13-17  Soo Line trail is OPEN – they opened it early this year.
  • 3-18-2016 Railroad grade ATV/OHV Trails will open April 1st.  The rest of the ATV/OHV Trails will open May 14th.

Don’t forget that completion of an ATV Training Course is required by law for residents born after July 1, 1987. Click HERE for more information.

2017 Open Season Dates: Alvwood-Squaw Lake: May 1st, Alborn – Pengilly: April 1st; UPM – Blandin: May 15th; Balsam: under construction – not open yet; Bigfork: under construction – not open yet; Blue Ox: April 11th; Goodland:  May 15th; Little Moose:  May 15th; Rabey Line:  May 15th; Thistledew: April 1st; Chippewa National Forest: May 2nd. Please note that if we have a wetter than normal spring, later openings may occur.

Click HERE for Minnesota DNR ATV/OHV trail dates.

Check out the Itasca County ATV/OHV resource featuring 7 maps with trails and lodging locations! This map includes:

  • Grand Rapids Area Lodging
  • Edge of the Wilderness Lodging Association
  • Alvwood Squaw Lake ATV/OHV Trail System
  • and more

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