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Itasca County Trail Conditions


Snowmobiling Trail Reports

  • 1-17-18 Haypoint Snowmobile Club – Trails are being groomed today and should be ready for a busy weekend.  Not perfect, but rideable considering snow conditions.
  • 1-17-18 The Blue Ox trail is fair/good. The Caldwell trail is fair, and the West bowstring is fair with short stretches of ungroomed swamps.
  • 1-16-18 Lawron Trail Riders Trails groomed yesterday: Lud Mandich, Nashwauk and Day Brook. The Lawron Trail will be groomed on Thursday, January 18.
  • 1-16-18 Bushwacker Snowmobile Club: Deer River Bushwacker Trail Groomed today,. Trail is in excellent condition.
  • 1-16-18 Itasca Driftskippers: All of the trails to the north of the clubhouse on the east side will be completed tonight! We will groom the east side down to highway 200 tomorrow night and the west side Thursday.
  • 1-16-18 Marcell Snowdrifters have groomed everything except Circle T, east and west wing.
  • 1-15-18 Greenway Snowmobile Club trails have been groomed.
  • 1-13-18 Squaw Lakers Snowmobile Club: Avenue of Pines groomed. Good condition. Grooming again mid-week.
  • 1-12-18 Taconite Trail: The entire section of the trail (from Grand Rapids to Hwy 73) is being groomed 1/12/18. Nine inches of new snow fell on 1/11/2018.
  • 1-12-18 Itasca Diftskippers: Finally rolling the tracks on the Trail Bullys. The west side has been rolled in. Snow conditions are marginal at best. Trails will be ride-able but rough. The boys will head out tomorrow and hopefully finish up on the east side into town and down to 200. Please be aware that both Trail Bullys will be on the trail most of the day on the east side of the trail system. Be watching for flashing beacons and lights.
  • 1-12-18 Marcell Snowdrifters trails have been ALL groomed from Marcell to Effie. Get out and ride our trails!
  • 1-12-18 The SnowRangers groomed 6 inches of new snow on the Keystone Trail, the Diamond Lake Trail, and the Hornet Spur.  Conditions are good.
  • 1-12-18 Swampsiders Snowmobile Club: The trails are not quite 100 mph yet so please use caution out there, especially on the Circle L trail where some logging is going on by intersecton of the little bear trail. Also on the Circle L there is a lot of brush hanging over.
  • 1-11-18 Marcell Snowdrifters received 6″ of snow and the trails are groomed.
  • 1-11-18 The Grand Rapids area received 3-8 inches overnight with another 1-3 inches expected during the day. The Clubs will be assessing the snow conditions and will be grooming if possible tonight into tomorrow.
  • 1-6-18 The trails are rough but ride-able. Use caution on the trails. We could use more snow, but most clubs have been out packing the trails with what snow we have.
  • 1-5-18 Marcell Snowdrifters and Swampsiders have been out packing trails.

Additional Information can be found on the following Facebook Pages:

Swampsiders Snowmobile Club Facebook Page

Marcell Snowdrifters Facebook Page

Haypoint Jackpine Snowmobile Club Facebook Page

Lawron Trail Riders Snowmobile Club – Minnesota Facebook Page

Driftskipper Facebook Page

Greenway Snowmobile Club Facebook Page

Taconite Snowmobile Trail

Don’t forget that Snowmobile Safety Certification is required by law for residents born after December 31, 1976.  Click HERE for more information.

Snowmobiling Information


ATV Trail Reports

  • Itasca County ATV Trails are CLOSED effective November 30, 2017. Trails will start to reopen April 1, 2018.

Safety training is recommended for everyone who operates an OHV. It is required for ATV riders born after July 1, 1987, and OHM riders under the age of 16. Click HERE for more information.

Fat Tire Biking

  • 1-12-18 Tioga has been groomed.
  • 1-11-18 The Grand Rapids area received 3-6 inches overnight with another 1-3 inches expected during the day. The Club will be assessing the snow conditions and will be grooming if possible tonight into tomorrow. Forest History Center will be assessing snow conditions and will be packing if possible.
  • 12-27-17 People riding Legion have said use caution on some of the corners and hills – getting icy.
  • 12-18-17 People have been out mountain biking and fat tire biking on the Legion Trail and Tioga Pit. Snow has been low.

Skiing Trail Reports – For specific individual ski trails report, please visit:

  • 1-13-18 Scenic State Park has been groomed. State park pass is required as well as the Great MN Ski Pass.
  • 1-12-18  10A, -16.2, NW wind at 5mph. We did end up with ~ 4 in. Ton and Mike are going out today (in the Gator, thank goodness) to drag or whatever they decide. I’m going to classic ski Snag today, backwards (so in tracks as much as possible) to assess the flooding (obviously no more with the freezing temps) and snow, which will hopefully bond to the ice so that the guys can groom without worrying about slipping.
  • 1-12-18 6 INCHES of NEW SNOW! Groomers will be grooming all day Friday and Saturday morning. The following trails are expected to be packed and tracked by Saturdayafternoon: Sugar Hills, Cowhorn, Boomer-Blue, Golden Anniversary on River Road, Forest History Center, Mount Itasca, Suomi, Amen, Joyce Estate on Trout, Wabana, Blueberry Hills.
  • 1-11-18 The Grand Rapids area received 3-6 inches overnight with another 1-3 inches expected during the day. The Clubs will be assessing the snow conditions and will be grooming if possible tonight into tomorrow.
  • 1-8-18  Sugar Hills Ski Hill: 9A, 20.9F, light wind. Skated East, Big Thunder, Rajala, and Snag yesterday. Way fun but Snag is flooded. About 100′ of the trail was under water, near the stream. There was a small strip of snow I could classic on but one ski still got wet and made it hard to glide for a while.
  • 12-22-17 South Suomi has been packed AND TRACKED! North Suomi has been packed. Joyce Estate on Trout Lake has been packed. Alder Pond has been packed.
    Upper trails at Mount Itasca have been packed.  Sugar Hills has been packed.
    Another inch of snow fell today.
  • 12-18-17 Some people have been skiing using rock ski’s due to lack of snow. MN Power and Cohasset Portage Park are being packed and cleared. Lights on are at Legion Trail and MN Power for night skiing.

Remember to purchase your Great MN Ski Pass and make a donation for the grooming!

Updated trail conditions will be posted on and

For More information about Mount Itasca contact them at (218) 326-1313 or follow them on Facebook

A ski pass is required on Mt Itasca trails and the Great MN Ski Pass is required on all Itasca County Ski Trails.  Membership information to the Northern Lights Nordic Ski Club is available by calling 218-326-1313 or email: 

Skiing Information

Trail Condition Resources:

From ride planning to managing your vehicles, we provide you with the tools to plan your next adventure!

From ride planning to managing your vehicles, we provide you with the tools to plan your next adventure!

How Are The Trails In Itasca County?

In Grand Rapids we celebrate Winter and all of the outdoor recreation that is available.  This page is designated to post the Itasca County Trail Conditions for Hiking, Biking, Cross Country Skiing and Snowmobiling. We want to thank the trail managers, snowmobile clubs, Itasca County and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for keeping us updated as to conditions.  We post updated trail conditions as they are made available. In Grand Rapids, we are proud to be in Minnesota’s Nature.

Ski or Snowmobile Through Northern Minnesota

The cross country ski trails are available for year-round enjoyment.  Snowmobile trails are open each year from December 1 to April 1.  Some trails may open or close earlier based on seasonal conditions. Snowmobile trails are maintained by the local Minnesota snowmobile clubs and the Department of Natural Resources. The local clubs rely on their member volunteers to keep this trail system in top condition. Please support them in any way you can and respect the trails you ride.



ATV Open Season Dates: Alvwood-Squaw Lake: May 1st, Alborn – Pengilly: April 1st; UPM – Blandin: May 15th; Balsam: under construction – not open yet; Bigfork: under construction – not open yet; Blue Ox: April 11th; Goodland:  May 15th; Little Moose:  May 15th; Rabey Line:  May 15th; Thistledew: April 1st; Chippewa National Forest: May 2nd. Please note that if we have a wetter than normal spring, later openings may occur.

Click HERE for Minnesota DNR ATV/OHV trail dates.

Check out the Itasca County ATV/OHV resource featuring 7 maps with trails and lodging locations! This map includes:

  • Grand Rapids Area Lodging
  • Edge of the Wilderness Lodging Association
  • Alvwood Squaw Lake ATV/OHV Trail System
  • and more

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