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Early Season Walleyes

Nik Dimich and Becca Kent, of Grand Rapids, proudly show walleyes caught on an area lake.

Whether you live here, have a cabin here or are visiting or vacationing here in the northland, one thing we all should remember is that we have access to world-class fishing for walleye, northern pike, panfish and largemouth and smallmouthbass right here and around Grand Rapids, Minnesota. And one of the best times of year is coming up – Memorial Weekend.

This weekend is not only prime time for fishing multispecies, bass season opens on Saturday May, 24th.  Because the water is heating up and most fish (except panfish) are post spawn and ready to put on the “feed bag.” The jig and minnow combination is still the “go to” presentation as it will catch all varieties of fish; we have, however, seen anglers catching fish on live minnow rigs (leeches tend to ball up in cold water). Slip bobber combinations have also been good, but you do have to anchor up as drifting changes depths and too much speed causes the bait to angle up and not be vertical.

Locating shallow water structure that houses pods of bait will inturn hold active fish that follow the forage closely. Look for rocks and gravel structure along shorelines but don’t rule out inlet and outlets of moving current. With bait fish starting to show up in growing weed beds it won’t be long until fish start covering these new weeds. Keep your drifting and trolling speed under control and slow and concentrate on structures 12’ and under.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend. Good luck fishing!   Check out our lakes and fishing resource page.

Grand Rapids Fishing Report by Nik Dimich, Dimich Outdoors & NikandBeccasOutdoorPromotions.

While you are up in Grand Rapids for World Class Fishing, you will want to check out our overnight lodging accommodations so you can stay a while to catch your limit!  After you build up a hearty northwoods appetite, check out the Grand Rapids area restaurants.  Forgot something?  Don’t worry, Grand Rapids has you covered with lot of area shops and service businesses to take care of your needs.

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