Nov 22 2017

Fat Tire Biking in Grand Rapids

2017-11-22T10:08:14+00:00 Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017|Blog|

Made for Minnesota’s winter, fat tire bikes rubber surface that is twice as wide as standard mountain bikes and a much lower, “squishy” tire pressure. This increased surface area allows better traction and keeps riders from sinking into the snow, mud or sand. They are a great way for riders of all ages and experience levels to [...]

Nov 14 2017

Head North to Enjoy Old Fashion Holiday Celebration at WinterGlo Festival

2017-11-14T21:58:54+00:00 Tuesday, Nov 14, 2017|Blog|

The Grand Rapids Downtown Business Association is hosting the third annual WinterGlo Festival the first weekend in December. This is a three-day festival with over 20 family friendly events, and many of them are free. Come enjoy an old fashioned winter and holiday celebration by kicking off the holiday and winter season in Grand Rapids, [...]

Nov 7 2017

Mt Itasca, the Winter Playground

2017-11-07T21:35:50+00:00 Tuesday, Nov 7, 2017|Blog|

Did you know that there is a winter recreation facility downhill skiing, snowboarding, ski jumping and snowtubing. Head North this winter for an abundance of outdoor fun! Mt Itasca is an outdoor attraction that you will want to consider on your "To Do" list this winter. Mt Itasca is located only 10 minutes east of [...]

Nov 1 2017

Good Luck Hunters – Safety Tips

2017-11-01T10:29:54+00:00 Wednesday, Nov 1, 2017|Blog|

Tom Neustrom shares his fishing and hunting safety tips. Winter has arrived with a thump much earlier than normal. The open water season has come to an abrupt end and hopefully everyone got their gear ready and put away for the season. It will still be awhile before there is any safe ice to fish, [...]

Oct 30 2017

Top 6 Things To Do in The Winter in Grand Rapids!

2017-10-31T13:49:41+00:00 Monday, Oct 30, 2017|Blog, Winter|

Lamenting the swan song of fall when the leaves have dropped and the trees are bare? Waiting for snow to arrive so you can play in the beautiful white stuff? Sometimes it seems that there’s no way to play in the woods during the shoulder season, that funny time when the leaves are down but [...]

Oct 27 2017

Winterize Tips for Fishermen

2017-10-27T17:18:03+00:00 Friday, Oct 27, 2017|Blog|

We are now into the late season, open water fishing in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. This week's fishing tips brought to you by Tom Neustrom, owner of MN Fishing Connections Guide Service. The tables are about to turn and Mother Nature is on the verge of throwing a curve at us. Cooler weather is on our [...]

Oct 24 2017

Upcoming Events at Forest History Center

2017-10-24T17:02:19+00:00 Tuesday, Oct 24, 2017|Blog|

Grand Rapids is a perfect family drive destination to come for things to do and see in the fall and winter. The Forest History Center is an environmental and historic learning center that has year round, monthly events. Check out their upcoming fall and winter events: Ghost Stories, Lumberjack Life and Holiday Fireworks – Forest [...]

Oct 17 2017

Head North Deer Opener Weekend For More Than Hunting

2017-10-27T17:56:25+00:00 Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017|Blog|

The first weekend of November (better known as the MN Deer Opener - rifle season) is a GREAT weekend to Head North to Grand Rapids for much more than just hunting! But, if you are a Deer Hunter, we have that too! MN Governor's Deer Opener Grand Rapids is the city host of this year's [...]

Oct 12 2017

Grand Rapids Hosts 15th Annual MN Governor’s Deer Opener

2017-10-12T07:56:59+00:00 Thursday, Oct 12, 2017|Blog|

Deer hunting season is a special time in Minnesota, bringing together friends and families to share in a special and long-held tradition. A half-million Minnesotans are expected to participate in the 2017 firearms season. They will come from all walks of life and leave with memories to last a lifetime.   The 15th Annual Minnesota Governor’s [...]

Sep 27 2017

Do Winter Differently in Grand Rapids

2017-09-27T11:18:24+00:00 Wednesday, Sep 27, 2017|Blog|

Don't hibernate this winter, do winter differently! Grand Rapids is a great winter destination to get outdoors, even in the winter! In Minnesota, winter is a long season, but it doesn't have to be one that keeps you inside all of the time. Grand Rapids is a place where you can Head North to explore [...]