Duke Otherwise, Radio Show, Be a Lumberjack and Bluegrass

//Duke Otherwise, Radio Show, Be a Lumberjack and Bluegrass

Duke Otherwise, Radio Show, Be a Lumberjack and Bluegrass


Welcome back to my blog, this week has been SO fun! I have a lot to write about so be patient…


To start off my week, I attended a concert put on by Duke Otherwise. This was a children’s concert put on by the Grand Rapids Area Library. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be entertained by a kid’s musician, but I was wrong, this was a great time! Duke Otherwise was creative, funny and had plenty of play on words. Duke’s slogan is ‘Clever music for all ages’ and I really thought the slogan fit. As I looked around the audience, you could tell not only were the kids loving it, the adults were moving around, and laughing along as well.

The library does these types of events all year round, sometimes outside under a large tent, and sometimes inside. Some events are aimed more for adults and some more for children, so if you are coming to the area, make sure to check out their calendar here and see what they have going on!


Duke Otherwise


Later in the week, I attended a Bluegrass festival at the Itasca County Fair Grounds. This was the 27th annual, and it seems to be going strong. It was a really neat event, because unlike most musical festivals, this was an open-mic type of concert. Really, it was just a bunch of musicians jamming out and having a good time. Anyone was welcomed to play, there was a sign up board for the three-day festival that you could put your name down on, and you’d play a 30-45 minute concert. You could tell all of the musicians were having a good time and enjoyed being there, and it showed in their music.

The show is put on by the band, Not Necessarily Bluegrass, and a lot of people camp out at the fair grounds for the weekend. They do a big potluck dinner on Saturday night, and it’s really great getting to meet all the musicians that are so passionate about their music. People come from all over the US to play in this festival and enjoy others music. There’s a lot going on at the fairgrounds this summer, so make sure to look at their calendar as well!


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a real life lumberjack? At the Grand Rapids Forest History Center, you can! They have a 1900’s logging camp, lots of trails to explore and a 100 ft. fire tower that you can climb up. While I went to visit, there was a children’s event happening called ‘Be a Lumberjack’. The kids were able to make a turkey sack, ride a wagon down to the camp, with fake names and identities, such as Old Whiskey Jack the lumberjack, the kids would go to their section of the camp and play games, aka ‘chores’ to earn coins. The coins could then be turned in at the visitors’ center for prizes! This was such a fun family event, and I had a fun time exploring all the buildings, hiking up the tower, and walking on the trails.


Inside the 1900’s logging camp



The last event of my busy week, was The Great Northern Radio Show. This was performed in the Myles Reif Center for the Performing Arts by the Northern Community Radio. It was the 20th program of this show, and it celebrated people and places with a fun variety of music, storytelling and humor. The show did a really great job showcasing places that are ‘off the beaten path’. It was a lot of fun to watch and see all the actors and actresses, stage crew and musicians come together to pull it off.

Between now and my blog next week I will be going to a summer concert series, taking a tour of the Itasca County YMCA, watching 125 Years of Transportation and attending The Bash 7! If you’re in town and see me at these events, come say hi! Make sure to check in next week on my blog to hear about my experiences!


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