Top 5 Campfire Foods

//Top 5 Campfire Foods

Top 5 Campfire Foods


It’s every family’s dream. And yet – how many Minnesota vacationers are able to truly pull it off with gusto?

To get you started, here are the top 5 Campfire foods.

1 – S’mores

This timeless classic haunts the dreams of every small child. Serve as a delicious snack while gathering around the campfire.

campfire foods for a minnesota vacation


Marshmallows (regular or jumbo size)
Milk Chocolate bar
Graham Cracker


Roast your marshmallow of choice near the coals of the fire. When it is heated through (or burned, as you will), carefully remove the marshmallow. Sandwich marshmallow and piece of chocolate between two halves of a graham cracker. Bon appetit!

2 – Campfire Corn Dogs

Take your average schoolday dinner and turn it into a camping tradition with this kid-friendly recipe.

homemade corn dogs to make over a campfire for your next minnesota camping trip


Hot dogs
Pancake batter
Wood skewers


Skewer hot dog; dip into pancake batter. Heat in a frying pan over your campfire until batter is cooked thoroughly. Enjoy!

3 – Potatoes in the Coals

These potatoes are so easy to cook it’s almost embarrassing.  Perfect as a hands-free side dish or the main course, be sure to add this simple cooking technique to your gourmet repertoire.

how to cook potatoes over the campfire




Poke potatoes several times with a fork. Wrap potato + 1 Tbsp of butter individually with aluminum foil, and place in the coals of your campfire. Bake for 30 – 60 minutes, until soft.

4 – Minnesota Potato Delight

This recipe requires very little prep work – with incredible results!  A great meal for adults and families with kids.

make a hearty potato bake over the fire on your next minnesota camping trip


Peppers (green or red)
Salt & Pepper


Cut ingredients into cubes and spread across a double layer of aluminum foil. Add a dash of rosemary, salt, and pepper, then dot with butter. Wrap entire assortment tightly in aluminum foil, carefully sealing all edges. Cook over a grate or on coals until vegetables are soft. Eat hearty!

5 – Cowboy Rolls

In the days of free range cattle over the western plains, the cowboys became incredibly adept at making gourmet meals over a simple campfire.  Try this delicious meal on your next trip:

soup and biscuits over a fire


Bisquick® mix (or your brand of choice)
Diced onions
Diced Bacon


Make biscuits according to package directions.  Roll into balls (as many as needed); make an indent with your finger.  In the indent, place a pinch of diced onions, bacon, and butter.  Roll dough in hand until the hole is filled and the ingredients are thoroughly covered by dough. Lightly coat biscuits with oil.  Place in a frying pan or dutch oven. Cover and cook over low heat until biscuits are slightly browned and cooked through.  Eat up!

Looking for more ideas?

When planning your next Minnesota vacation to the Grand Rapids area, be sure to take advantage of the local resources that are available to turn your camping trip into an unforgettable one. Until then – happy camping!


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