Time to Think Ahead

//Time to Think Ahead

Time to Think Ahead

DSC01539 (2)With winter knocking on our door of late maybe it’s time to think ahead.  Right now is a great time to get all those preparations done for the months ahead. Leaves to rake, wood to cut and stack, gutters to clean, and making plans for the cold period that is on our doorstep.  This time of year the Minnesota Family Resorts are getting their properties ready for the colder season as well.  They ensure that their cabins area ready for their fall and winter guests.  The Grand Rapids, Minnesota area is a year round vacation destination.

For the outdoors men and women it’s important to get all your gear ready for the winter season now, not when there is a foot of snow on the ground. Clothing starts  out with getting ready and finding all those pairs of gloves is first on my list. Grab a large plastic/rubberized box and assemble all your gloves and boots in one container or maybe two. Label the top and sides, and you will be ready for any conditions in the winter. Because of bulky winter apparel, consider hanging  the winter apparel in the garage in one place.  Storing the winter items together in one place makes them easy to find when you need them.

Ice Fishing in Grand RapidsKeep fish houses and other portable cloth items off the floor and elevate them away from critters.  Empty the gas in the ice auger to be ready to put fresh gas in when you are ready to ice fish. Change your blades to insure a good cut and you are ready to go. Before your first trip, make sure you start and run your auger before venturing out. It will make for a great first day on the ice.  The Visit Grand Rapids website has  lake finder and fishing report page to help guide you on your fishing journey.

For the snowmobile enthusiast make sure you have fresh gas, new spark plugs ,and a charged battery. Check your skiesSnowmobiling in Grand Rapids to make sure they are not bent or damaged from the season before. Grease all fittings and check to see if they need adjustments. Check trailer lights to make sure they are in good working order and re-pack or grease trailer bearings.  Snowmobiling in Grand Rapids is spectacular.  The Grand Rapids Minnesota area has thousands of miles of trails to explore.

When you are looking to venture away from home and try a new area for your favorite outdoor recreation, consider Grand Rapids, Minnesota.  www.visitgrandrapids.com

Article by: Tom Neustrom, Minnesota Fishing Connections

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