Spring Fever – Family Friendly Things to Do in Grand Rapids

//Spring Fever – Family Friendly Things to Do in Grand Rapids

Spring Fever – Family Friendly Things to Do in Grand Rapids

Spring Fever - Family Friendly Things to Do in Grand Rapids

Spring Fever is here. The snow is still on the ground, but there’s a change in the air, and we can all tell that spring is bubbling below the snow, waiting to burst forth. If you’re reading this blog post, it’s highly likely that two important things are happening in your life, right now.

  1.   Spring is coming in Minnesota. Winter is on its way out, and glorious spring is on the way!
  1.   Your kids are growing up, and that time goes quickly!

Time doesn’t stop, and your kids won’t be kids forever. And spring only comes once a year. A springtime trip to Grand Rapids is the perfect way to spend quality time with your family, and our beautiful part of the Minnesota North Woods has all kinds of family friendly activities to round out a great vacation! Here are just a few ways you can spend quality time with your kids on your vacation.

Edge of the Wilderness Discovery Center

For a multi-faceted nature experience that is kid friendly in every sense, check out the Edge of the Wilderness Discovery Center in the Chippewa National Forest. There’s an interpretive trail and an education room. If you need to wait until summer to plan your kid friendly Grand Rapids vacation, the Center offers summer live interpretive programs for kids of all ages. Fish or boat on Lake Ranier and years later, you’ll be able to re-remember tall tales about fishing with your kids.

Judy Garland Museum

It seems incredible that Judy Garland was born in Grand Rapids, MN, but it is true. Immerse yourself and your kids in the magic of the timeless story of The Wizard of Oz with a visit to this museum. Judy Garland’s Grand Rapids home is part of this museum, and has been restored to 1920s authenticity. This museum is right next to the Children’s Museum, which is full of fun and interactive kid-friendly and year round exhibits.

Forest History Center

The Forest History Center will let you and your kids experience a terrific replica of a 1900s logging camp. Kids can explore guided trails, learn all about the history of logging in this part of the state, and even climb a 100 foot fire tower!

Parks, Outdoor Recreation, and Fun

Check out the beautiful opportunities for beach sitting, hiking in the woods, getting out on the water, or even just hanging out as a family in a cozy cabin or lodging. Memories are made in the most surprising ways. Give your kids a chance to really experience Grand Rapids’ great north woods, and you’ll be creating good times together for years to come.

Family Activities Guide for Grand Rapids, MN

Need some more great ideas about how to spend family friendly time with your kids on a great Grand Rapids vacation? Check out our guide created specifically on this topic – Top Things To Do With Kids in Grand Rapids.

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