Spring Fat Tire Biking in Grand Rapids

//Spring Fat Tire Biking in Grand Rapids

Spring Fat Tire Biking in Grand Rapids


Fat tire biking has become a big hit in the Grand Rapids area lately, as it’s a perfect activity for our neck of the woods. The large tires allow you to maneuver easily in the snow and ice that covers northern Minnesota for nearly half the year, but can also be enjoyed in the warmer months as well. Before you take on a fat tire bike adventure, learn how to choose a bike and where you should ride in Grand Rapids.

Why you should ride fat tire bikes in Grand Rapids

Choosing a Bike

These bikes may seem alien, but as of recently, they are increasingly becoming the better choice for all-terrain bikers. For Minnesotan cyclists, the changing of the seasons can be challenging, but with the wide tires and better traction of the fat tire bicycles, you can ride in any season. Regardless of snow, mud, wind, or rain, sturdy fat tire bikes can be driven without any issues. If you have been shopping for a new bike lately, these odd looking bikes with fat tires are in almost every store where bikes are sold – including Itasca Trail Sports. In the past few years, the fat tire bike market has gotten much bigger, therefore, many more styles of frames, and sizes of tires are available.
Frame materials include:

  • Aluminum
  • Carbon
  • Titanium
  • Bamboo
  • Authentic steel

Helpful Fat Tire Bike Accessories

Having reflectors and lights on your bike is important. In the winter there are less hours of daylight to ride in, but it is also very fun to bike on warm summer nights. So if you plan to be riding at night at all, reflectors on your bike are required, and a small headlight is necessary.

Fenders are crucial for protecting your bike, and yourself. As snow can quickly turn to slush, rain can turn to mud, and both elements will spray everywhere if you do not have fenders covering your bike tires.

Grand Rapids Bike Trails to Ride

Beautiful trails are available in the Grand Rapids area and are open to the public to use. Best trails for summer and warm weather fat tire biking:

Best trails for winter fat tire biking:

General Fat Tire Biking Tips

Clothing that is warm as well as protective is essential for winter bikers. Leg gaiters protect your lower legs from getting wet and cold from snow. Pogies are controversial between winter bikers, but one thing is for sure, they keep your hands warm. Pogies are mittens that attach to your handlebars, and you can slide your hands in them easily.

There are no laws in Minnesota that require bicycle helmets, but they are highly recommended for safety. Bicycle helmets can be bought at most places that bikes are sold. Some even come complete with face masks and goggles for winter riding, but winter gear can be bought separately if you plan to ride in the summer too.

Currently, there are no places that offer fat tire bike rentals in the Grand Rapids area. However, stop by Itasca Trail Sports to check out their selection of fat tire bikes and ask their bike mechanics any questions that you may have.

Fat tire biking is healthy, fun, and it is the perfect activity for all season athletes. Be safe while riding, and be aware and respectful of cars, pedestrians, and other bikers.

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