A Reminder to Give Thanks This Holiday Season

//A Reminder to Give Thanks This Holiday Season

A Reminder to Give Thanks This Holiday Season

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With only 3 days left until Christmas arrives, many families and individuals across the globe are feeling the stress of getting everything just right for the holiday season. Up north in Grand Rapids, the population is focusing on something a little more important. By observing nature and investing in our region, we’re happy to share a few life lessons that could come in handy this joyful season:

Take Time to Slow Down

The holidays seem to be the season for rushing through work, shopping, social obligations, and wrapping gifts.

Whether you’re rushing to beat the traffic during your daily commute or are just trying to gather groceries before the banquets begin, it’s a good idea to take a deep breath and slow down.

Slowing down your daily pace can be a great way to take in the little things in life that we often miss.

Idea: The frozen lakes around Itasca County offer the perfect opportunity to take a much-needed leisure afternoon of ice fishing.

Enjoy Your Family – And Their Quirks!

For better or for worse, our families are here to stay!  Make a point of spending time together to create new memories.

In Grand Rapids, MN, there are a large variety of family-friendly destinations and activities to choose from.  Whether your family tends to athletic side or prefers to spend an afternoon watching a new film, there are many opportunities for you to take advantage of.

Idea: The Forest History Center is an incredible destination, full of outdoor activities, learning opportunities, and good old fashioned fun.

Make a Point of Giving Thanks

This is a season that is centered around taking a step back and giving thanks.

Although we all face daily struggles in our lives, we join together at this time to appreciate the goodness that surrounds us.

Idea: Take time to head out on a Cross-Country Ski trip through Minnesota’s snow-clad forests to enjoy the serenity and solitude of Nature.

Indulge in Nature

Nature is an enduring source of peace, joy, and hope.  When you head north to the Grand Rapids region, you discover Nature like never before.  From the expanses of frozen lakes to the deep, seeming unending trails throughout the forests, there are hours of undiscovered lands waiting for you to explore.

The trails in our area are groomed regularly for cross country skiers – or head over to the many snowmobile trails that weave in and out of epic woodlands and swamps.

Whichever route you take, you’ll be sure to find beautiful sights waiting for you.

Idea: Before you go, download the snowmobiling and skiing maps to plan the perfect route for your trip.

Enjoy Your Holiday Season!

Wishing you joy and peace from Grand Rapids, MN!

Take time to head north this winter and visit our beautiful region.

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