Deer Hunting – a Family Tradition

//Deer Hunting – a Family Tradition

Deer Hunting – a Family Tradition


Have you ever found yourself dressed in blaze orange, deep in the woods surrounding Grand Rapids, Minnesota, feeling excited but at the same time tremendously at peace? If so, you might be a deer hunter, enjoying the quiet and solitude of a hunt while waiting for an animal to line up with your sights.

Planning for the Hunt

Hunters around Grand Rapids are preparing for the best deer hunting in Minnesota. The firearms deer season opener is just around the corner; everyone is making lists, gathering supplies, and using every excuse to get out into the woods. Whether in archery, firearms or muzzleloader season, hunters will find a welcoming community and favorable habitat when they head up north.

Fortunately, Grand Rapids and surrounding communities welcome deer hunters. A drive through town reveals multiple businesses with banners advertising deer hunting specials. Take some time to stock up on blaze orange, camp supplies, food and beverages, then head to the shack and prepare for the hunt.

The Grand Rapids area offers a suitable habitat for white-tailed deer: a mix of hardwood forest, conifer stands, and open fields. While some hunters swear by the familiar private land that’s been in the family for generations, others utilize the abundance of public land available for all users. A mix of federal, state and county-owned land is available for this year’s hunt. Refer to the Minnesota Hunting and Trapping Regulations Handbook for information on season dates and management strategies.

A  Family Tradition

Of course, hunters enjoy so much more than just “the hunt” when they are in the woods. Watching a quiet sunrise, hearing a cheery chickadee, and feeling a cool fall breeze are all parts of the reasons they return year after year. If and when a deer comes into the shooting lane, they find the reward of bringing venison back home to their family.

best deer hunting in Minnesota

For many, deer hunting is a family tradition. It is seeped in stories that Grandpa told every winter around the woodstove. Today’s families appreciate that time spent gathered together, sharing stories. Screens off, devices down, unplugged; sitting in Grandpa’s old deer stand brings about a feeling of being connected to the land itself. For Minnesotans, it is good to be in the woods.

Grand Rapids has much to offer your family this hunting season.
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