Preparation Checklist for a Successful MN Deer Opener Weekend

//Preparation Checklist for a Successful MN Deer Opener Weekend

Preparation Checklist for a Successful MN Deer Opener Weekend

mn deer opener weekend 2015 - grand rapids, mn offers a great checklist for local deer hunters

Grand Rapids, MN is eagerly looking forward to the opening of this year’s deer season.  From November 7 – 21, hunting enthusiasts throughout the nation will arrive to seek out the elusive whitetail buck in the many thousands of acres of deep northern forests.  To help get you started on the right foot, we have compiled a deer hunting prep checklist.  Use it wisely – and add to it as needed!

mn deer hunter's checklist

Legal Setup

Deer hunting is a carefully regulated season in Minnesota.  Make sure all of your legal requirements are met before you make plans with your buddies to head out to the hunting shack for the weekend. Always stay up to date on the latest regulations to ensure compliance – and to help keep hunting an enjoyable pastime for all sportsmen.


Firearm Preparation

Preparing your rifle well in advance will help to ensure that you are ready to take that trophy buck on opening day.  Gunsmiths are always happy to help out, but a surprising amount of hunters ask for extensive repairs just a day or two before the season opens.  Unfortunately in many circumstances, the influx of customers this time of year may make it impossible for a quick turnaround.  Bring your rifle in for servicing weeks – not days – before opening deer weekend.

  • Gun cleaning – Clean your firearm thoroughly, checking for signs of damage or deteriorating parts
  • Repairs – Bring your rifle into a gunsmith for any necessary repairs
  • Ammunition – Purchase an adequate amount of legal big game cartridge ammunition (the requirements are listed on the DNR’s website)

Hunting Attire

Fluorescent orange may be the obvious choice for deer hunting attire, but it is equally important to make sure that you have clothing of varying weights to help you better dress for the weather.  A day in the stands might be comfortable in 50 degrees – but temperatures can easily drop well below freezing in Northern Minnesota. Prevent hypothermia & stay prepared!

  • Fluorescent Orange – Ensure that your fluorescent clothing is ready to wear for the year
  • Hats, gloves, and socks – keep varying warmths together to make it easier to dress for the weather
  • Hunting boots – make sure your hunting boots fit well and are ready to wear out in the woods

Nutrition & Wellness

Many hunters are close enough to their shack to “commute” for meals.  However, it is best to keep the fundamental emergency rations on hand.  Such rations may include:

  • Water – staying hydrated in the woods can be challenging, especially if you like to sip on coffee to stay warm & awake
  • Energy bars – nibbling on energy/nutritional bars  throughout the day is a good idea.

Safety First!

From climbing up into your deer stand to location awareness, safety is the number one concern for deer hunters in Minnesota.  For the sake of other hunters in the woods as well as yourself, always adhere to the advised safety standards of deer hunting.  Please stay safe in the woods to help make this an enjoyable season for all!

All ATV Trails Closed!

Just a courtesy reminder that all ATV trails are closed from November 7 – 21, 2015.

Many Local Resources Available

Take time to research and learn more about deer hunting in the Grand Rapids, MN region to ensure that your opening weekend is a success.

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