17th Street Grill

Project Description

Casual & Family Dining

Address:Timberlake Lodge
144 SE 17th Street
Grand Rapids MN 55744

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Contact Information

Phone: 218-326-2600

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Weekly Specials

Monday—Sushi! 5pm-8pm

Tuesday—All-you-can-eat RIBS! Served with Cole Slaw and Baked Beans. 5pm-8pm

Wednesday—Build your own PASTA BAR is back!!! 5pm-8pm

Thursday—Chef’s Special. Featuring German Octoberfest inspired dishes this month. Starts at 5pm

Friday—Chef’s Fresh Fish. 1 Fish,    2 different preparations, which chef will win the title of BEST DISH! You decide! Starts at 5pm

Saturday—Prime Rib Starts at 5pm

**Ask your server for details

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