Capturing Grand Rapids Through the Lense of a Camera

//Capturing Grand Rapids Through the Lense of a Camera

Capturing Grand Rapids Through the Lense of a Camera

through the lense of a camera on a minnesota vacation

Grand Rapids, MN is a truly breathtaking place to visit for a Minnesota family vacation.  Whether you are here for summer activities or are visiting during a winter ski trip, you are sure to be enamored by the area.

When you are exploring the area, take the time to pull out your camera and take a few shots.

…Of the Lakes

SugarBay10065The lakes around Grand Rapids hold a multitude of untapped possibilities for your family.  Take a boat, canoe, or kayak out on the waters to drift along the shores and take in wildlife.

The call of seagulls can be one of the most haunting cries you will hear on northern waters – excepting, of course, the cry of the Loon.

Keep an eye out for picture perfect moments – such as this beautiful sunset on Lake Pokegema.

Note: The “sunset” setting of most lower-end point and shoot cameras often results in an over-exposed photo.  Make sure that you focus your lens on the brightest area of the sky – or lower exposure settings to -1.0.  Most brilliant sunsets last under 15 minutes – which gives you more than enough time to experiment, snap a few photos, and then enjoy the moment for yourself.

If you’re looking for a sunset like this, check out the list of area lakes, found at the bottom of our Lakes & Fishing page.

…Of the Brilliant Colors

Autumn 2010 027Adding a vignette filter to your iPhone camera (or with photo editing software) can turn a beautiful photo into a nostalgic one.

Trees remain one of the most popular subjects of any photographer – their inherent beauty and uniqueness are nearly unparalleled.  When hiking through the state parks or forest trails, be sure to pause and look up.

Obtaining a field guide to the flora and fauna of northern Minnesota can be a great aid to identifying species of trees, flowers, and even wildlife that you may happen upon.  The Chippewa National Forest, for example, contains a beautiful section of old forest known as the “Lost 40.” This acreage was, for some inexplicable reason, ignored by the loggers of past generations.

Now, it is filled with old-growth white pine – a breathtaking sight to all who visit the region.

…Of the City Itself


Grand Rapids is an old and very historic town.  While wandering the streets you may come across impressive architecture and old-town character.

The rich history of the area lends itself to the feel of the streets of downtown Grand Rapids.  Take some time to peruse through the list of local museums and historical societies dedicated to preserving the artifacts and story behind what is now a well-developed community.

Taking photographs of buildings requires a certain expertise of composition and perspective.  In the photograph on the left, the photographer stood across the street, managing to capture the whole building and grounds. Only a tiny corner of a parked vehicle found its way into the frame.

Overcast skies seem to add to the impressive effects of this photo.

…Of the Roadways

McycleRide7-8-12 110 (2)Motorcyclists come from across the nation to visit the scenic routes of Itasca County.  They’re not alone: locals, tourist, and road trip enthusiasts travel the roadways surrounding Grand Rapids to take in the scenery and freedom of northern Minnesota.

This should be common sense, but taking a photograph from a moving vehicle should always be done from a passenger seat!

Take a friend with you and cruise the highways to snap epic road shots such as this photograph (left).  Sunny days offer the best environment in terms of a clear photograph, but thunderheads or misty mornings can be impressive subject matter as well.

If you are working with a point and shoot camera, experiment with different settings to determine which offers the utmost clarity.


Where are you going next?

Grab your camera – and go out to experience all that Grand Rapids has to offer!

(Hint: save those pictures – we’d love to see them entered into our photo contest!)

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