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Minnesota Fall Fishing

Fall Fishing

Tom Neustrom, Mn Fishing Connections

Minnesota Fall Fishing by: Tom Neustrom, MN Fishing Connections

Color My World

Robin Williams, who was the emphasis and influence of memories in my life once said  “ the color of our world is whatever makes us superbly happy”.  My world is surrounded with color as Mother Nature brings out her paintbrush and makes Grand Rapids a place that is wildly, superbly happy and colorful.

I love the fall and wish it lasted three months long, but that’s only a selfish man’s dream. Fall fishing is something very special and some of the best walleyes, crappies, northern pike of the season are on the feedbag. We are back to presentations with the likes of jig and minnow, and with the cooler water temperatures dictate the activity below the surface. With the splendid colors of reds, orange, and yellow it surrounds me every day I am on the water.

With an abundance of fishing opportunities with lakes like Bowstring, Sand, Big Winnie, Big and Little Cutfoot, Spider and Pokegama it’s no wonder Grand Rapids is a destination that will take your breath away. It’s not just the great fishing but the movement of wildlife that sense a change is going to happen soon. The gathering of loons before they venture south is a sight to remember. Many times there are flocks of 100 adult loons on the larger lakes such as Big Winnibigoshish and others. With a sense of need to move south they await a Northwest wind to glide their way to a more suitable location for the long winter months of the north.

Fall LakeYesterday a pair of Trumpeter Swans crossed my bow which has always been a source of good luck or truly something I believe.  Countless flocks of mallards and pairs of wood ducks seem to fly in circles between the cattails and shallow backwaters of the Mississippi River practicing for their soon to be long journey to southern states such as Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama only to return back to Minnesota next spring.

The Fall ritual will give new meaning to travelers and locals alike. Take a moment to smell the freshness of the air with a hint of burning leaves that has its own aroma. Ah yes the cooler weather is soon to be upon us so hurry to place I call home. For Grand Rapids is truly “Minnesota’s Nature” and it’s beauty continues to be breath taking.


Tom Neustrom   Professional Guide

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