Make New Year’s Resolutions That Really Matter

//Make New Year’s Resolutions That Really Matter

Make New Year’s Resolutions That Really Matter


Many of us make resolutions at the beginning of each New Year. But, do these resolutions stick? And if they don’t, maybe the really important question is, why not? Our resolutions aren’t going to work for us if we’re not truly motivated about them, deep down. If you have a resolution, for example, to “lose 10 pounds,” and you HATE to go to the gym, how effective will that resolution be? If, on the other hand, you want to “lose 10 pounds,” and you also know that you LOVE being outside in Minnesota’s beautiful woods and lakes – well, now you have some more information to craft a really good resolution that might actually stick!

Here are some meaningful resolutions to inspire you!

Resolve to take your vacation time

It’s a badge of honor to “work hard,” but sometimes we overdo it! So plan a vacation now to the stunning Grand Rapids, MN, area. You’ll have your choice of many ways to have fun and chill, whether you love to be in nature (skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice fishing), love to shop, pamper yourself, or enjoy simply being in a beautiful place Up North where the pace is relaxed. You’ll work better if you allow yourself to play! So take those vacation days.

Resolve to spend more time with loved ones

Life gets busy, and before you know it your kids are grown, or your friend has moved away. Seize the moment and spend some quality time with your loved ones in beautiful Grand Rapids. It may sound odd, but sometimes you need to get out of the house to really appreciate being with your family in a different setting. Imagine relaxing in one of Grand Rapids’ lodging options – there’s something for everyone. Return home with your relationships renewed.

Resolve to really experience Minnesota’s natural beauty

It’s easy to take 10,000 lakes for granted. So change up the experience a little. Ice fish on a part of a Grand Rapids lake you’ve never been on before. Try one new restaurant; sample a food you’ve never had before. Snowmobile a new trail; try a new snowshoe trail. Just one new thing can reinvigorate your outlook on life, and make your resolutions and goals all the stronger.

We won’t lie. Resolutions can be tough to stick to, especially with all the other distractions of life trying to drown them out. So, make your resolutions specific, and fun. Incorporate a bit of the Grand Rapids scene into your resolutions, and we bet they’ll stick, all year long!

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