A Day at the Lake for Our Vacation in Minnesota

//A Day at the Lake for Our Vacation in Minnesota

A Day at the Lake for Our Vacation in Minnesota

vacation-in-minnesotaThe aroma of pancakes still lingered in the cabin when the kids yelled out, “Can we go swimming?” It was day three of our family vacation in Minnesota and we were ready for another day of paradise on Sugar Lake.

My family loves to spend time together in the summer and we’d found the perfect destination: Grand Rapids, MN. The area is gorgeous, with pines, oaks and lakes every where you go. It’s also tourist- friendly with convenient little stores that always have just what you need (plus the big box stores, too). We’d found a place that rents cabins and were totally enjoying our Minnesota getaway.

I grabbed the sun block and walked a few steps down to the beach with my three children. Half a bottle of lotion later we were all set for a day in the sun. My youngest started digging in the soft sand right away. She had started a gritty, imaginary cooking school with her dolphin-shaped water toy and was creating a new batch of sand cupcakes. A sprinkling of rocks, collected from the cool shallow water, completed her creation.

While she worked I re-inflated the water toys. They had gotten a lot of use yesterday, especially the twin alligator-shaped ones my older two kids attempted to ride until they fell into the clean water, laughing at their efforts. I wondered if I should give my inflatable chaise lounger a bit more air. It sat quietly beached yesterday. Guess I was having too much fun swimming to give it a turn.

“Can we go on a paddle boat ride?” My oldest child’s question brought my mind back to today. The kids stood before me, two dripping wet and one slightly sandy, waiting to hear my answer. If we were at home I’d probably stall and list all the things I had to do that day. But here on Sugar Lake I was ready for fun. I smiled, grabbed the life jackets (and more sun block), and set off for another adventure we’ll treasure for years to come.

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