Why Everyone’s Excited to Head North this Winter

//Why Everyone’s Excited to Head North this Winter

Why Everyone’s Excited to Head North this Winter

BLOG - VGR - Nov 2015 - Reasons to Head North

There’s been a lot of murmuring about the newest trend in winter vacations: heading NORTH.

Winters in northern climates can be long…and somewhat tedious for some folks. But Minnesotans everywhere are banding together for a great winter season full of frozen adventures, relaxation, and the pure love of life that is best experienced in Minnesota’s nature.

As the snow begins to fall in Grand Rapids, we are getting ready to bring novelty back into MN winter.  Celebrating a northern winter is becoming a trendy means of reaching back into the rich history of our heritage – and taking what Nature gives us with a warm welcome.


Winter Adventure Like None Other

The adventure possibilities are endless and varied.  Grand Rapids, MN is packed full of snowmobile trails and opportunities for ice fishing – just waiting for you to experience them.


BLOG - VGR - cozyAn Excuse to Get Cozy

The Norwegians have a term –  koselig – that is used both as a word of welcome and as an adjective that describes something warm and cozy.

This term may also apply to the incredible lodging opportunities that you encounter when you Head North on your winter vacation.

Regardless of the weather you encounter this winter, Grand Rapids Minnesota offers you the opportunity to kick back in front of a crackling fire and sip some hot chocolate.

Take time to find the Resort, Bed & Breakfast, or Hotel that will best fit the nature of your winter vacation getaway.

Hint: Be sure to check out the latest hot lodging deals to save and experience the most of your time in the Grand Rapids area.

When you take time to relax in the cozy atmosphere of one of our local lodges, you are treated to the warm hospitality of our region and the delightful view of a snowy vista outside.

Rustic Styles

Incorporating the rustic style and decor of Minnesota’s nature is a perk of spending a little bit of time perusing through our local shops. From antiques to craft masterpieces of northern artists, a trip up North is a sure way to bring the heart of the wilderness into your home for a warm and cozy winter.



Lumberjack check shirt lumberjack old fashion vector patterns. RIf you head North , you enter the place where Flannel became a Thing.  From Lumberjacks to Ice Fishermen, the Flannel Shirt is the official attire of the adventurers, pioneers, and all around cool people.

Flannel shirts and tunics can be paired with almost any outfit and accessory for unique and rustic style.  Dress appropriately for the time you spend up north by integrating flannel into your wardrobe.

Whether you intend to spend time ice fishing on a lake within Itasca County or are hitting the snowmobile trails this winter, a flannel shirt is a necessary layer that you will be grateful for!

A Spirit of Generosity

Thanksgiving is just two short days away, but the winter season begets selfless acts of generosity.  We’ve compiled a helpful guide to use when you are in search of gifts to give to loved ones.

The Choice of Adventure is Up to You

So…how are you going to join in the excitement and adventure that is ready and waiting for those who are willing to brave the cold and chill in order to Head NORTH this winter?

Are You Ready to Head NORTH?


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