Grand Rapids Ice Fishing Report 3-1-17

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Grand Rapids Ice Fishing Report 3-1-17

Late Winter Crappie Grand Rapids MNNow that the walleye and northern poke season has come to a close, panfish and trout will be the species of choice and there are numerous options in the Grand Rapids area.

When you have the wealth of prime water as we have, it becomes difficult to many making decisions on what lakes to fish. Crappies, Bluegills, and Perch are a mainstay throughout the rest of the winter and anglers will find lakes that have an abundance of species to chase after. Before we discuss methods, finding bodies of water that contain what you are chasing is not that difficult. The Minnesota DNR website has a listing of lakes in the Grand Rapids area, their size, what species exist, and even the size of the species that are present. It can help to make a decision on where to fish and what is available.

As the days get longer and the angle of the sun can influence what goes on under the ice, locations will vary from a month ago to now. Wintering spots can change as a slight warm up begins and things unseen on the bottom begin to occur. Different types of larvae begin to appear and species such as bluegills and crappies will tune in on them specifically. I always seem to begin getting bit slightly shallower and in the case of bluegills, old weed beds near break lines seem to be good holding areas.

Crappies tend to stay a tad deeper, but there are times they too can be mixed in with bluegills. I still think drilling several holes and checking them with your depth finder is a great way to find fish. Soft tip, light weight rods are key for light bites. Many pan fisherman use spring bobbers to detect light bites and it’s an awesome way to fish this time of year. I like to keep two rods handy, one with a 1/16th ounce Tungsten Jig and the other with a small spoon for active fish. Tip them with either euro larvae or wax worms and you’re in business. The warm sunny days are great to be on the ice, and as usual safety is all important at all times. Good luck.

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