Grand Rapids Ice Fishing Report 2-8-17

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Grand Rapids Ice Fishing Report 2-8-17

Winter Walleye Grand RapidsThis week’s Grand Rapids Ice Fishing Report brought to you by Tom Neustrom, professional fishing guide – MN Fishing Connections.

With the new snow cover of late, opportunities have expanded in the Grand Rapids Area. Ice fishing has been a popular destination for local and visiting anglers alike. Whether it’s late season pike and walleye fishing, Lake or stream trout, or panfish, Grand Rapids and it’s area lakes have it all. The window of opportunity has definitely narrowed and most species don’t feed as often like they did in early winter. Sometimes there are only half hour periods when especially walleyes feed.

Northern Pike and trout many times will migrate and move in different water columns during the day. They can be the most active this time of the season and fun to catch. As mentioned several times smaller baits will get the majority of bites this time of the cold water period. Most species are not in a chasing mood and their metabolism has slowed way down. A little trick that can get a few more bites this time of the year for walleyes and pike is simple. When I’m fishing a dead stick for walleyes or tip up for northern pike several times if the lively minnow is too active I will move the split shot or weight closer to the bait to regulate how much area the minnow is swimming. Many times it will keep your bait in the zone longer and  if the shiner or sucker minnow is too lively it will turn the fish off. This time of the year is when many species don’t want to chase a meal down. Keeping your sinket sometimes 6-7 inches from the bait can make all the difference of attracting a bite.

Snowmobiling Grand RapidsSnowmobilers and cross country skiers are have a great winter and continue to enjoy opportunities for their sport as well. It seems we are getting a couple inches of new snow every other day and that helps. The locals are saying that the trails are some of the best they have seen in 5 years. Winter is slowly turning the corner so get out and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.

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