Grand Rapids Ice Fishing 1-11-17

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Grand Rapids Ice Fishing 1-11-17

Grand Rapids Ice Fishing The winter has developed into one to remember. Most veteran anglers stated this winter is like the old days. Fisherman have been able to get out and enjoy fishing with most travel being done on snowmobiles and 4-wheel track vehicles.

For walleyes early and late in the day seem to be the best times. Some of the better lakes to try are Pokegama, Big Winnie, Big Splithand, Moose, and Trout Lake in Coleraine.

Northern Pike fishing has been good on area lakes and anglers using tip-ups have been doing well. One of the keys to tip-up fishing is to drill several holes along weed lines near deep water. In the winter each angler is allowed two tip-ups and drilling 10-12 holes. Set your lines approximately 15-30 feet apart, and if you don’t get a flag in 30 minutes , move your tip-ups to other pre-drill holes and continue to repeat the process until getting bit. Over the years some anglers don’t move their sets for hours, and with this moving your tip-ups every 30 minutes or so, your will have better odds of getting a strike. When you have a good spread of tip-ups it gets exciting when a flag goes up and the line peels off the tip-up reel. Sucker Minnows in 3-6 inch length are best and change your baits often. Hooked just behind the dorsal fin will allow good action of the bait.

Pan fishing has been good on area lakes with good reports of nice crappies and bluegills being taken.

Grand Rapids SnowmobilingSnowmobiling has been excellent with numerous groomed trails in the Grand Rapids area available. It appears the trails will be in great shape throughout the winter and our area will be an outstanding destination. When we have the continued snowfall throughout the weeks, cross country skiing also is a favored sport and we have an unbelievable amount of trails available all around the Grand Rapids area. Stop in or call Visit Grand Rapids and they can give you an updated list of snowmobile and cross country ski  trails .

Come to Grand Rapids this winter ice fishing. There are lots of lodging options and check out our Ice Fishing page for Ice Fishing Guides.

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