Grand Rapids Fishing Report 6-26-14

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Grand Rapids Fishing Report 6-26-14

Walleye in NetWalleyes are still moving around lakes searching for shiners and other forage. Locate shoreline structures on wind blown sides of the lake that offer emerging weeds, rocks or gravel. Even more importantly, pay attention to your GPS and sonar to locate mid lake structure and sharp break line structures in deep and shallow water. And don’t just look for fish, look for clouds of bait that look like giant beach balls.

Concentrate on breaklines by locating underwater points, flats, humps, bumps and bars. In areas with new weeds, rock or gravel you will find the habitat/forage walleyes, perch and pike like. Bass also frequent these areas.

This week’s Grand Rapids Fishing Report brought to you by Nik Dimich, Dimich Outdoors.

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