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Grand Rapids Fishing Report

Catch and release bassThis week’s Grand Rapids Fishing Report by Tom Neustrom, MN Fishing Connections. A touch of cooler weather descended  upon the north country of late, and will for some species, kick them into gear for what we call “late summer” or “early fall” feasting.

Pan fish many times are the most effected by a stretch of cooler weather in late summer. They sense things will be changing soon and their positioning changes and their food sources can be the driving force.

Crappies can be located on the deep weed lines and can be taken on 1/16th ounce jigs and plastic action tail bodies. We prefer a quivering tail type plastic and many times a small 2 inch chub can enhance your bites. Crappies are starting to school up in tight groups getting ready for fall where they will feed primarily on bloodworms and other critters that rise out of the soft bottom of deeper bays. Sometimes a spinner fished near the bottom with minnow can also be a good bait to contact crappies.

Wildwood Resort Bluegills

Nice bluegills caught by guests of Wildwood Resort.

Bluegills also will be right with the crappies in the similar type of habitat. When found they many times will prefer smaller jigs and a small chunk of night crawler or two to three wax worms. Usually both species when found will be in schools rather than individuals.  Bass will be on the deeper weed lines and can be taken on deep running crank baits and jig and plastic presentations. The jig and minnow will again come into play, but rigs and crawlers will still produce on still warm days. As the nights continue to cool in the days ahead northern pike and muskies will be on the hunt.

Great weather is still upon us and  there isn’t a better place to be then up in the north country.  You can download or request a Grand Rapids Visitor Guide or call to speak live to a travel information specialist at 1-800-355-9740.

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