Grand Rapids Fishing Report 11-3-16

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Grand Rapids Fishing Report 11-3-16

Grant Prokop Thousand Lakes SportingThis week’s Grand Rapids Fishing Report brought to you by, Tom Neustrom, owner of MN Fishing Connections and fishing industry professional and Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods.

Crappie bite is absolutely insane. Very good fishing and look in their wintering areas. Lakes to consider are Cut Foot, Pokegama, and Bass. Try a jig an d a rap from Rappala or jig and a minnow. Even plastics with a tungsten jigs that you would use in the winter are working well. The walleye should be good too, but not many are fishing for them right now. Trust your electronics because they will show you if fish are there or not in the deeper winter fishing holes.

It’s time you get the boat ready to put away. Winter is right around the corner and there are things to get done. Charge all your batteries and disconnect at least one terminal if you are going to leave them in the boat. Get your motor winterized and make sure you call a dealer ahead of time and make an appointment. They are very busy this time of year and calling ahead makes sense. Drain all water from live wells, and any other compartments. If you have a cover make sure you put it on the boat to keep critters out. A little extra care can make storage and next spring a whole lot easier.

Deer season is here and make sure it is a safe and successful one. Always tell someone where you are going in case you don’t return on time. It’s a good practice to have. Small pocket heat packs can make sure your hands stay warm. Bring a thermos of hot liquid in case you get chilled. A compass is a necessity, a small flashlight, and your cell phone. Put your phone in a zip lock bag and make sure the phone is full charged. Leave it off until you need it. That will insure you have appropriate power when you need it. Bring stick matches in case you have to build a fire. Put them in a container to keep them dry. Have a great Deer Opener and be safe.

Grand Rapids is a great destination for fishing and hunting. You can download a Grand Rapids Visitor guide prior to arriving to see all of the fun things to do and see while you are in town.

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