Getting Ready for the Season

//Getting Ready for the Season

Getting Ready for the Season

Tom Neustrom This week’s fishing update is brought to you by Tom Neustrom, Minnesota Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame Inductee, Grand Rapids area Fishing Guide, and Professional Fishing Promoter.

The ice fishing season is about to close with a few die hards out on some walkable ice but that’s about all. In the weeks ahead we will be talking about getting ready for the open water season and a few things that will make life a whole lot easier.

I like to start with rods and reels for these are the tools that need attention before getting out on the water. Rods are just as important as other equipment and you can’t catch fish properly without a fishing rod that performs correctly. Check all your guides with a Q-tip for cracked or broken guides. It’s a quick way to check and fibers from the Q-Tip will hang in the guide when you run it through. It’s especially important to do this in the tip. If you don’t replace your line will get nicked and your line will break easily. The area baits shops all have replacement tips and it only takes a matter of seconds to replace.

Reels are the heart of your angling equipment, with spinning be the most used of all. Take the spool off for starters after you strip the line off. Spray light gun oil on the shaft and inside of the spool. Wipe spool with a paper towel to get excess oil removed. Also spray bail assemblies to insure proper operations and remove excess oil also.  Replace spool and tighten down drag all the way then loosen. You should be good to go. When spooling line, most often you want to place spool counter clockwise for winding. Fill spool approximately 1/8th inch from the top so line comes of smoothly. When you fail to fill spool, not only will casts be shorter, but you will create numerous line twists and ‘spoolies”. When wrapping braid make sure you apply a small piece of tape to spool before winding or 10 yds. of monofilament backing. If you just wind braid directly to the spool the line will slip. These are a few tips that you can work on before the season that will help make your day on the water fun and successful.

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