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Family Fishing Memories

family fishing in Grand Rapids

Tom Neustrom guiding a family on area Grand Rapids Lake.

Guest blogger, Tom Neustrom, owner of MN Fishing Connections guide service, Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame Inductee and Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame Inductee.

Make memories through Minnesota family adventures. Whether it’s hiking, trail riding, hunting or fishing, the experiences can be endless. Being a fisherman all my life brings back so many memories of driving to the cabin and singing songs with my sisters while driving my father crazy with the question “are we there yet?” Being with a family and enjoying several different fishing adventures is what it was all about.

Kids Love to Fish

girl with fish grand rapids mn

Audrey Gaalaas from Grand Rapids out fished her parents on MN Opening Fishing weekend.

For me, like so many other young people, I couldn’t wait to get in the boat with my Dad and go fishing. The species really didn’t matter and Dad always knew where they were biting. Going back in time creates fond memories for me and others, but things really haven’t changed much. It’s still the comradely with family and how great times are made that is the adventure.

Remember, as previously mentioned, its not the size of the fish that matters, but the catching is all important. Young people love catching fish and all species of panfish all are just what the doctor ordered. Tell me in your life history that watching the bobber go down and reeling up a bluegill, crappie of perch didn’t excite you. I know it did for me and it still does. Keeping young people occupied on the water only brings everyday memories and they will talk about it for days, months and years. Oh by the way the size of the fish increases with every time the story is told. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Make the experience short, maybe a few hours each time, and make it simple.

Safety First

When venturing out make sure you have life jackets on everyone. It’s a good habit to get into even for the big kids. With youngsters they can be like frogs by a pond jumping everywhere and things can happen in a hurry without precautions taken. Be patient and be a good teacher. Kids want to learn and its important to focus your attention on them. Bring snacks for time periods where they will need a break. Make the experience fun and they will ask “when can we go again” .

kids on dock with fishing poles

Kids staying at Cedar Wild Resort waiting to go out fishing on Moose Lake.

Grand Rapids Fishing

Grand Rapids is blessed with countless lakes with great panfishing available. If you don’t own a boat there are shore fishing opportunities with many DNR fishing piers available including one also on the Mississippi River just west of Grand Rapids. Good lakes with great populations of panfish are Bass Lake in Cohasset, Pokegama Lake, Rice Lake, Wabana Lake, Trout Lake in Coleraine and several of the small lakes right in Grand Rapids proper.

Memories are made and adventures are realized through interactions with family and friends. Creating those lasting memories can be simple and remembering to take the time to be a good mentor. Whether it’s fishing, hunting, trail riding or just walks in the woods, make it fun and memories will be made.


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