Fall Fishing: The Season Worth Living For

//Fall Fishing: The Season Worth Living For

Fall Fishing: The Season Worth Living For

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For all the months of the years that we exist,  fall has an unbelievable attraction. When you gaze skyward, a flock of geese heading south is a sure sign that fall is upon us. The leaves changing also offers a sign that fall fishing is in full swing, and it is an exciting time of year. As in all wildlife, species of fish also realize it is the time of year they need to be on the hunt for food. Winter is not far away and the pursuit of nourishment is needed to survive to the next season.

BLOG - edited - fall fishing - tom - September 2-15Walleye Fishing

Walleyes on most of the lakes in the north seek young of the year perch and other baitfish.  To find masses of bait, be observant of loons and flocks of terns. These usually occur in the shallows.

I most often fish a jig and minnow, particularly using VMC Mooneye and a shiner. I move quickly along weed lines and rock piles until I find schools of hungry walleyes.

Wind is a great assistance as well when searching for walleyes in the fall.


Crappies are one of my fall favorites and can be caught easily when located. Unknown to many, crappies in the fall prefer blood worms and other creepy critters. This is their preferred smorgasbord right through the winter.

Depths may vary, but most often 20-230 feet is a great starting spot. They prefer soft mud bottoms, since that is where their preferred diet lives.

From bottom to approximately 3-5 feet from the bottom, crappies can be seen on your electronics. Then, it’s game on. Hover directly over the top of the school and vertically jig them with a small jig and minnow or plastic and many times a Rapala Jigging Rap will trigger additional bites.

Again, keep moving until you find a school and utilize a small marker to keep you on the fish. It’s a cool way to put a couple meals on the table and fun to catch.


Muskies are like a lion on the prowl in the fall and make no mistake: this species is mean and nasty in the fall.

The anglers that pursue them will tell you that fall is the best time of the season to wrangle one of these monsters. You better be prepared to work hard to get one. Opportunities are much better where there are good numbers of muskies present and the habitat to fish.

Most often you are throwing baits that weigh anywhere from 4-10 ounces and hundreds of casts sometimes must be made before you may even see one. Cow Girl Double Blade spinner baits and jerk baits of every size and shape become favorites in the arsenal chasing muskies.

Heavy action rods and reels are the ticket to handle these bruisers and I prefer to spool up with Sufix 832 braid in 80 # test to manhandle them.

I like end of the season cabbage beds near deep water and rock piles and near shore reefs. Its said to be the fish of 10,000 casts, but put all the odds in your favor and it can take less time.

Join me Fall Fishing on the Lakes!

Ah yes fall is upon us so what are you waiting for! Get out and enjoy Mother Nature’s most beautiful time of the year. Don’t get that shotgun out just yet. Come join me on fall’s fishing journey.


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