Got Cabin Fever? It’s Time To Show Mother Nature Who’s The Boss

//Got Cabin Fever? It’s Time To Show Mother Nature Who’s The Boss

Got Cabin Fever? It’s Time To Show Mother Nature Who’s The Boss

The country learned a thing or two about cabin fever this year, huh?

Between the Polar Vortex, endless snow-emergency parking restrictions and record-setting number of days below zero, everyone seems to be going a little stir crazy. But fear not, the sun is sitting higher in the sky, the fish houses are off the lakes, and the robins are making their way north. Yes, spring is in the air and you’ve probably got the itch to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

So why not do it in Grand Rapids, MN?Cedar Wild Photo 7 31 13

Just a scenic three-hour drive from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Grand Rapids has the cure for cabin fever:

  • World-class fishing Show Mother Nature who’s the boss and walk out on the ice in short-sleeves, drop a line in the water and catch pan fish, Walleye or Northerns.
  • Beautiful forests Is there anything more serene than a hike through towering Norway pines? The fresh air, the wildlife, and the firsthand look at spring’s 2014 debut will clear your mind.
  • Snowmobiling Sometimes, after being cooped up all winter, the best way to free your mind is to feel the rush that comes from hitting the throttle on a snowmobile. The trails are still there, the path to local restaurants are clear, and the excitement of good day’s ride awaits.

Sure, you can take the Jimmy Buffett-route and escape to “St. Somewhere” for a week. But why spend all that money and travel all that way when you can cure your cabin fever by getting out and enjoying the newly warmed air right here in Minnesota? Come to Grand Rapids and show Mother Nature who’s the boss.

Picturesque Grand Rapids offers a wide range of overnight lodging options. Visit our website for more information and to make your reservations today.

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