City Band Concert, Crazy Dayz and the Lost 40!

//City Band Concert, Crazy Dayz and the Lost 40!

City Band Concert, Crazy Dayz and the Lost 40!


Welcome back to my blog. This week I have many exciting things to tell you about!

Coleraine City Band Summer Concert Series

I started my week off with a concert by the Coleraine City Band! This was part of the bands’ Summer Concert Series; a free concert held every Thursday in Coleraine, which is just five miles out of Grand Rapids. It is their 109th season, and they’re going strong! Before the concert, there was pulled pork sandwiches and this week’s concert was held at the Coleraine Public Library so the public could view the new “Page-Turner Bench’’ created by Aaron Squadroni.

The concert was very relaxed, people brought lawn chairs and blankets to sit on in the front yard of the library, and it seemed like everyone was enjoying their time. The band did a wonderful job, and it was fun to watch, as you could tell the players all enjoyed being there.

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Crazy Dayz Sidewalk Sales

Grand Rapids’ very own Crazy Dayz Sidewalk Sales, also happened this past week, and there were lots of great deals! I had a blast walking down the streets in the beautiful downtown area and browsing sale racks. The stores had some really hot sales and I found many items that were marked all the way up to 75% off the original price. It was great! On Saturday there was other events as well happening, that were great for the whole family. The minnow races seemed to be a crowd favorite amongst the children. You could just see all of their faces light up as their minnow made it to the end of the race.

The Lost 40

To end my week, I was able to get a couple guests from Wildwood Resort (which is a gorgeous year-round resort located right on Bass Lake) and we went hiking in The Lost 40! The Timber Lake Lodge was awesome for letting us use their shuttle van to get to the Lost 40, and once we got there, we had a great afternoon hiking the trails.


The Lost 40, is 40 acres of land that was “lost” when originally mapping the land. Because of this, the area has never been logged or cleared by humans. It was breathe taking to see the 300 to 400 year-old trees towered over the forest.  It took three of us, arms spread wide open to wrap around the trunks of some of the pines. There was a calming effect from walking through the woods, with only the noise of birds and the sticks snapping beneath your feet. We had a great time out there, and if you are looking for some easy hiking trails, this place is awesome!

Between now and my next week’s blog, it’s the Weekend of Wheels! That means I’ll be attending car night at Dairy Queen, the Northern Minnesota swap meet and the car show! If you are going to attend any of these places, tell me about them on Facebook, I want to hear about your experiences! Make sure to check in next week on my blog to hear about my time at these events!




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