5 Ways to Shake Up Your Winter Vacation

//5 Ways to Shake Up Your Winter Vacation

5 Ways to Shake Up Your Winter Vacation

Shake Up Your Grand Rapids Winter VacationMinnesota is known for its amazing, unforgettable winters. In Grand Rapids, we’ve learned to face winter head on with a celebratory attitude. We’ve perfected the art of celebrating winter to its fullest. Winter is not going to go away, so live in the moment, and enjoy the beauty that a Grand Rapids winter has to offer. There’s something for everyone to dive into in a Grand Rapids winter. Here’s what we mean:

1. Get Outside!

Fully experiencing a Grand Rapids winter can be done in so many ways. You’ll never forget the stark blue sky of our northern forest as you glide through freshly groomed snowmobile trails. Stop off-trail at one of the many taverns or restaurants, and enjoy a beverage or hot food with other enthusiasts.

More of a foot-on-the-ground kind of person? Build some body heat, while taking in the beauty of our boreal forest, as you snowshoe or cross country ski on our incredible trails. Maybe ice fishing is your thing – we’re known far and wide for our excellent fishing lakes. Snag a fish, or several!

2. Eat!

Part of the fun of vacationing, for some of us, is a respite from cooking and cleaning. So get out and enjoy a great meal in Grand Rapids. You’ll have your choice of everything from traditional comfort food, to organic goodies and free trade coffee, to gourmet cuisine, to subs and pizza. There’s something for every taste in our town.

3. Chill, far from the noise of the city

In the stress of daily urban living, we forget that there are still areas where the peace of nature can be felt and heard. Grand Rapids is one of those special northern Minnesota places. However you spent the rest of your fun-filled day vacationing in Grand Rapids – outdoor recreating, shopping, eating, spending time with friends and family – take a moment to go outside, maybe at night, and to breathe in and listen to the stillness. Soak in a sky full of stars. Listen to the sound of silence. You won’t find this feeling in the city.

4. Stay warm and toasty

So you’re not a get-out-in-the-cold kind of person? No worries! Comfortable lodging options in Grand Rapids – from the down-home to the luxurious – will get you so comfortable that you may not want to leave your room. And that’s okay. We all need a little down time.

5. Make plans to return

If one trip to Grand Rapids can’t possibly fulfill your desires, make plans to return! Book a trip for next winter to continue to uncover the beauty, and intense fun of a Grand Rapids winter vacation. Or, come back even sooner. We’ll be here, ready to welcome you.

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