Over the RiverAn urban trend meets small town in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Pop-up shop, Over the River opens in downtown Grand Rapids on November 22nd.  It all started with a conversation between two women.  Bev Leckie, the local Sales Manager for Red Rock Radio, was in Wings & Willows talking with store owner, Linda Budrow about the shame that the retail space on the corner was going to be empty through the holiday retail season.  “Wish someone would start a pop-up shop in that space”, mentioned Bev.  Pop-up stores are a top 10 trend for 2013, according to trendwatching.com.  This conversation grew into further partnership with Kathy Fauth, owner of Staging by Kathy and another retail owner, Kathy Ladoux, owner of Lake Lovers Vintage.  “Let’s just do it”, was the decision of the group and each played an important role of the new “Over the River” pop-up store becoming a reality.

Over the River CreatorsEach woman played an important role in the pop-up store becoming a reality.  The Over the River pop-up store is the only in the rural northern Minnesota region.  “It was all about collaboration”, shares Leckie. Bev Leckie took care of the marketing and promotion, Linda Budrow and Kathy Ladoux headed up retailing, and Kathy Fauth staged the space.  Each of them reached out to their contacts and pretty soon they had enough consignment merchandise to fill the space.  They worked with local artists and crafters.  “People have been very supportive”, shared Budrow.  To show the impact even the big box stores have shown their support, “Home Depot donated a tree to fill the entry area”, shared Fauth.

Over the River offers a wide variety of seasonal gifts and home decor.

Over the River offers a wide variety of seasonal gifts and home decor.

The creation of Over the River pop-up store was not to compete with area businesses, but to partner with them to promote all of the wonderful shopping in Grand Rapids.  When visitors They see themselves as trendsetters and hope others follow in their footsteps.  Their is a mutual benefit where the local commercial landlord is able to fill the space short term that isn’t currently being rented.  The short term leasing is becoming a very popular trend in urban settings.  The commercial landlords like it because it fills the space, and it is easier to fill commercial space when it is staged versus being empty.

Over the River will be open Wednesday-Saturday through Christmas Eve.  They will have musicians, kids workshops, and other special events throughout the month.  “We will be open extra hours the week of Christmas on Monday and Tuesday, December 23 & 24”, says Budrow.  They have hired Jessica Ossefoort as Store Manager to run regular business hours 10am-6pm Wednesday through Saturday. Additional consignment merchandisers will work shifts so that during peak weekend hours there is additional staff to help assist customers.

There is lots of shopping in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.  Shoppers will find unique, eclectic, trendy, artistic, handmade, one of a kind items.  Grand Rapids is a great location to come fill your hard to find friends and family gifts.  Come to Grand Rapids for a staycation.  Come for the shopping stay for the lodging options with a view and world class performances.  Check out the Reif Center for their holiday season performances through the holiday season.