In Grand Rapids, the creative spirit is ignited by the incredible natural surroundings. Inspiration surges forth with each new discovery of the wonders of nature. The changing seasons provide an endlessly shifting palette of enlightening experience.

It is an environment which encourages and inspires artists, in fact, draws them into the Grand Rapids area. The rich natural heritage of this Minnesota community is thus additionally enhanced with exceptional opportunities to become involved with the arts & culture of the area.

Outstanding venues offer visitors a chance to see a wide variety of exhibits and performances, both indoors and out. Musicians, sculptors, painters, performance artists, potters, jewelers, textile artists, photographers and more, add depth and understanding to the community.

Artistic, historical and cultural events fill the city calendar with frequent opportunities to view, hear, observe or participate in the arts. The small town atmosphere provides for relaxed discussions and easy access. Many artists are available to share their insights and talents.

Absorb the inspiration, and the results of inspiration, in the works of local area artisans. Explore some of the many offerings and options here on these pages and don’t be surprised when you find even more as you stroll the streets of Grand Rapids Minnesota.


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Art & Culture Events in Grand Rapids, Minnesota:

Grand Rapids Players
Address Myles Reif Performing Arts Center 720 NW Conifer Drive Grand Rapids MN 55744 Phone: 218-999-9650
Grand Rapids Arts Contact: Katie Benes
Address PO Box 831 Grand Rapids MN 55744 Phone: 218-259-2970
Itasca Orchestra & Strings Program Contact: Tara Makinen
Address PO Box 140 Grand Rapids 55744 Phone: 218-327-5781
Reif Performing Arts Center Contact: Carissa Grosland Box Office Manager
Address 720 NW Conifer Drive Grand Rapids MN 55744 Phone: 218-327-5780
Edge Center for the Arts
Address 101 Second Ave Bigfork MN 56628 Phone: 218-743-6670
Brewed Awakenings Coffeehouse A café where you can eat every day and be Healthy Contact: Joan Foster
Address 24 NE 4th Street Grand Rapids MN 55744 Phone: 218-327-1088
Itasca Choral Society Contact: Sam Evans
Phone: 218-398-0063
Grand Rapids Area Male Chorus Contact: Eileen Grosland
Address Grand Rapids High School 800 Conifer Dr Chorus Practice Room Grand Rapids MN 55744 Phone: 218-246-2181 Phone: 218-328-5572
MacRostie Art Center Contact: Katie Marshall
Address 405 NW 1st Ave Grand Rapids MN 55744 Phone: 218-326-2697