Kid with Walleye

Kirk Adams and his son Niko (age 7) of Grand Rapids enjoying a day on the water fishing with their family.

Take a kid fishing tips by Nik Dimich, Dimich Outdoors. June 6-8, 2014 is Take a Kid Fishing weekend.

Think back to when you were a kid and fishing was fun and simple and that was that. Okay, except for the occasional “rat’s nest” reel, missed cast that landed in an overhanging tree and the proverbial question, “When do I get to drive a boat?” that simplicity and natural joy of fishing is often overlooked today and as we get older. Sometimes today when we have time to take kids fishing, we forget the good old days as today’s fast pace world takes over.

Fishing should be an American pastime where we’re allowed to remember the yesteryears before “smart phones” and every other gizmo which consumes our mainstream culture. Here are a few things I remember from kid fishing.

When I was a kid and now as I take my niece and nephews fishing I focus on the “fun” when on the water. Keep things simple and expect kids to play with minnows in the bait well or fish in the live well. And, yes, there will be potato chip crumbs and sodas spilled on the boat floor. But don’t fuss over the little things; remember fishing should be fun, not a job.

Here are a few simple take a kid fishing tips that might help the next time you have a family outing with kids in the boat. First, try not to spend too much time on the water or heading to the dark side, the competitive side of fishing. One simple way to keep things on the fun and easy side is to rig a couple rods with slip bobbers, snap on a split-shot sinker and a single hook tipped with a piece of a crawler, leech or a minnow and sit and watch.

This technique can be used throughout the season and not only for panfish, but many species of fish. The point is to get the rod bent, in other words, action. Simply anchoring up on a shoreline or mid-lake structure and waiting for the plop of the bobber is something every kid should experience. This can also be done from a dock or shore. Casting a jig and minnow combination or spinner bait or spoon is also always good. This allows kids to cast and retrieve as much as they want.

And this casting doesn’t always have to be about chasing the walleye, either, go catch some bass or northerns or perch. Remember, it’s about quality time on the water and seeing if you can get the rod to bend. In the end, it doesn’t matter what’s on the on the biting side. Just keep in mind that fishing is always good, but the catching can vary.

Also remember to keep it simple and your day of fishing will always be memorable, and, when you can, take a kid along. Good luck fishing and be safe.