Spring Events at the Forest History Center

Tucked away in the woods, just outside of downtown Grand Rapids, is a place where you and your family can truly step back in time and experience Minnesota’s rich logging history, first hand. The Grand Rapids Forest History Center is an essential stopping off point in Grand Rapids, whether you’re vacationing in our beautiful area or are simply passing through. The entire family can immerse themselves in an authentic experience of what it was like to live and log in Minnesota almost 100 years ago! There’s a fire tower to climb, a recreated 1900s logging camp, and plenty of self-guided trails for forest lovers of all ages.

Forest History Center Spring Events

By spring time, most of us who live in winter climates are ready to celebrate! Make a trip to the Forest History Center part of your celebration of spring. We have plenty of spring event to offer that participants of all ages will enjoy.

Aldo Leopold Day, April 1

Who was Aldo Leopold, anyway? Some people leave a lasting impact on the world. Leopold was one of these people. His views informed his writing (including The Sand County Almanac) and he was well known for his thoughts on conservation and forestry. Learn about this man who loved wildlife and the natural world. You might find some of his persona rubbing off on you!

Northwoods Paddle 2-Day Workshop, April 22-23

Nothing says Minnesota like a canoe paddle, especially a hand crafted paddle. Every time you take such a paddle out on one of our lakes, it will enhance your experience on the water. In this two day workshop, you’ll learn to make a canoe paddle and you’ll leave with your very own creation! Participants will learn about wood selection, wood grain, shape of paddles and handles, and how all of this combines to make a quality finished product. You’ll be guided by a master woodworker who will lead this class.

Apple Trees 101, April 29

Growing apple trees successfully in northern Minnesota is no easy feat, but it can be done. You need to pick varieties that are hardy enough to survive our frosts and cold winters, and you need to be able to maintain the trees so they grow great fruit, as well as protect the trees from deer, pests, and rodents. This fun two-hour course will show how to select and grow these trees with the ultimate reward – your own home-grown, amazing apples.

Spring Phenology Day, May 20

What is phenology? It’s the study and recording of the natural rhythms of biological life around us. If you love to observe the world, and make notes about it, this day is for you. There are so many things to observe in the spring, the season of awakening. You’ll learn just what to keep your eyes open for, and how to record it. All ages can enjoy this, and you don’t need to be a biologist to do it. Many folks across the North Country practice phenology as an enjoyable hobby.

Looking for something to do this spring? Visit Grand Rapids and make the Forest History Center a big part of your trip!