VOYGR 7-14-B 060 (2)The Arrowhead Motorcycle Edition

By: Guest Blogger, Wayne Roskos (Grand Rapids native)

There are many motorcycle routes to ride NE Minnesota. Grand Rapids native, Wayne Roskos, shares his favorite rides in the Arrowhead region. Here are a couple of his favorite rides where you will get some scenic views, notable attraction stops, food, gas and of course a Google Map for you to follow. Enjoy the ride!

Gooseberry Falls (all day ride) approx. 250 miles

Google Map: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=z6G8inTKJpYY.kMxmF9Mgc4S4

Gooseberry FallsThis route is better during the week (Memorial Day through Labor Day) and is a beautiful fall leaves ride. Make sure you have a full tank of gas before you leave from Grand Rapids. Start in Grand Rapids on Hwy 169 E and stay on to Hibbing. Out of Hibbing head west on Hwy 37 to Hwy 53 right or south approx. 2 ½ miles left or east Cty Hwy 16  turns into Cty 15/11 all the way to Silver Bay (gas stops, restaurants and restrooms). At this point you will start to see Lake Superior. Stay on Hwy 61 out of Silvery Bay south to Gooseberry Falls. You can determine how far up the falls you would like to do.  The first falls isn’t far from the gift shop.  Heading back Hwy 61 south left stop at world famous Betties Pies on your right hand side for a little sweet treat and bathroom stops. Take 61 N to Hwy 1 head N/NW.  This is a narrow re-surfaced road, you will not be able to go very fast.  Lots of topography, curvy and hilly.  Very scenic and watch for wildlife (moose and deer).  When you get to Isabella you have to check out the Knotted Pine Inn neat bar and restroom area this is a nice break to stretch your legs.  Take this all the way to Ely (I recommend the Chocolate Moose to eat at) neat shops and scenic views. If you stay on Hwy 1/169S just past Tower/Sudan stay right on Hwy 1 take all the way to Hwy 53 take right/north and go to Cook.  Just after Cook left/west on Hwy 1 to Hwy 73 to Chisholm. Out of Chisholm get onto Hwy 169  back to Hibbing. Follow 169W back to Grand Rapids.

Iron Range Tour –Approx.. 300+ miles ride.

Google Map: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=z6G8inTKJpYY.kMxmF9Mgc4S4


Group MotorcyclistWe take this quite a bit.  Take Hwy 2 E out of Grand Rapids straight into Duluth to get there quick and then we start our journey.  My suggestion is to take Hwy 2 to Cty Rd 194 to Hwy 53. Take Hwy 53 to Midway Road. Turn right onto Martin Road. Take Martin Road and turn left onto Hwy 4. Stay on Hwy 4 and turn left onto Hwy 135 that will take you into Biwabik. I suggest Vi’s Pizza to eat with gas nearby.  Go east out of Biwabik head north towards Aurora and take a left to Hwy 135 old mining pits very pretty and scenic overgrown with trees mix of ponds and swamps connects with Hwy 169 to head into Tower. I suggest eating at Benchwarmers, a MN theme sports bar that serve thick and juicy & cold beverages. If you need gas get it now. Get back on Hwy 169 take a right onto Hwy 1 and take all the way over to Hwy 65 at this junction is the Togo Bar (cold beverages big burgers) no gas. This brings you back into Nashwauk. Out of Nashwauk take right onto Hwy 169 to head east to Grand Rapids.