BLOG - VGR - Dec 2015 - head north ideas

You’ve decided at last that you’re going to take the plunge and head north this winter for an unforgettable getaway.  With so many opportunities available within the Grand Rapids, MN region, it can be difficult to decide exactly which ones you should take advantage of.  Here are a few ideas to help you pick out the right activities for the time you have available to spend in Minnesota’s Nature.

2 Hours (a short trip):

Just swinging through Grand Rapids?  Here are a few ideas:

Movie Theater – Swing by Mann’s Cinema 8, located on SE 21st Street (near Target) for a cozy couple hours watching one of the latest films.

Judy Garland and Children’s Museum – Did you know that Grand Rapids is the hometown of Wizard of Oz actress Judy Garland?  Visit the in-town museum to learn more about the history and personality of one of the most famous actresses of our time.

Local Shopping – Sometimes, all you want to do on your afternoon off is go shopping.  Good news!  Grand Rapids is home to a host of entrepreneurs and small businesses that, together, make a rich shopping experience for you to enjoy.

4 Hours (an afternoon):

If you have a little bit more time, there are lengthier events that are available for you to take advantage of:

YMCAThe Itasca County Family YMCA offers a warm, hospitable atmosphere for families who are looking for a great place to shoot a few hoops, swim some laps, or otherwise get out of the elements on a frigid day.

Skiing, Tubing, Snowshoeing – Classic snowy adventures are perfect for families, young couples, and seniors alike.  Check out the list of the groomed snowshoe/cross-country ski trails that are maintained throughout the winter season. If you do not own gear, visit Itasca Trail Sports to rent a pair of skis for the day.

Forest History Center – This location offers incredible variety and information, focused on the rich history of the Grand Rapids area.  Whether you are interested in logging camp immersion or are excited to learn about local artists and craftsmen, you will love a trip to the Forest History Center.

6 Hours (ready to explore):

Six hours is long enough to spend some serious time exploring our region.  Choose from any of the previous activities already listed, or go for something a little different:

Snowmobiling – If you’re hauling your sled through Grand Rapids, you’ll want to take advantage of the many beautifully groomed snowmobile trails that meander throughout the deep woods and ice-clad lakes of Itasca County.  Check out our snowmobile maps and stay up to date on the latest trail conditions for an optimal adventure.

Ice Fishing – Granted, this activity could take as short or as long as you’d like.  But once you have your gear set up on the frozen lakes near Grand Rapids, it can be difficult to pull yourself away.  There are a lot of local resources available to help you get set up with the right equipment and have a chance at the catch of a lifetime.

Overnight Stay (living on the edge):

However you choose to spend your day, there are a few key ways to help ensure your visit is a comfortable one.

Lodging – One of the highlights of any trip is usually the overnight stay at a resort, inn, hotel, or B&B.  Find one that suits your style and budget, and enjoy the relaxation and rest that is best found up North.

Dining – Mealtime is important in terms of keeping up strength and motivation to pack in all of the sights and activities you had planned for your vacation.  Take advantage of the large variety of dining options in Grand Rapids.

Crafts & Activities – The Break Time Craft Studio hosts evening art classes to help connect visitors and residents alike to create in a fun, lighthearted environment.

Be Bold. Head North.

When you’re ready to take the plunge, Grand Rapids will be ready – and waiting – to welcome you to Minnesota’s deep North.

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