>We really enjoy motorcycling in the Grand Rapids area.  We send a couple of texts or emails to go for a ride to friends and family, and we can get anywhere from a couple to almost ten of us heading for a ride.  You can go in any direction heading out of Grand Rapids and you can see all kinds of different topography.  The neatest part is you get a combination of forest, water and wildlife.  There are so many roads to take in, and so many destinations.  Sometimes we all take for granted the nature in our backyard.  Motorcycling in the Grand Rapids area is one of my most favorite past times.  I enjoy spending time on my bike around the Grand Rapids area.  There are so many roadways to choose from, and depending on the time of year there is always something new.  I would encourage any motorcyclist to come and experience the Grand Rapids area roadways to enjoy the finest Minnesota’s nature has to offer.