resorts grand rapids

Looking for a Minnesota family resort? Minnesota resorts are known for their history, scenic views and friendly service. If you like the outdoors, you’ll love spending your next vacation at one of our Grand Rapids area resorts. The town of Grand Rapids is located in a stunning outdoor wonderland of dense forests famous for its stunning fall colors. With the incredible lake views and natural beauty, Grand Rapids has become one of the premier vacation destinations in Minnesota.

Grand Rapids offers your family a wide range of vacation options including full service golf resorts with every imaginable amenity, northwoods luxury townhouses, up north style log vacation homes, and modern traditional lakeside fishing and family resorts that will remind you of vacations you took as a child with your family.

Seagren's Pokegama Lodge B&B / Resorts
Address 20648 Crystal Springs Loop Grand Rapids MN 55744 Toll Free: 888-326-9040 Phone: 218-326-9040
Hidden Haven Resort Resorts
Address 31516 Malbay Road Cohasset MN 55721 Toll Free: 866-246-8989 Phone: 218-246-8989
Pine Acres Resort Resorts/Camping
Address 29604 State Highway 38 North Grand Rapids MN 55744 Phone: 218-326-2082
Buckhorn on Caribou Lake Lake Homes / Resorts
Address 45101 Buckhorn Resort Road Marcell MN 56657 Phone: 218-256-0089
Sugar Lake Lodge Hotels / Resorts
Address 37584 Otis Ln Cohasset MN 55721 Toll Free: 800-450-4555 Phone: 218-327-1462
Loon Point Resort Resorts
Address 51898 County Road 310 Bigfork MN 56628 Toll Free: 800-542-1470 Phone: 218-245-1470
Jessie View Resort & Campground Resorts / Camping
Address 45756 County Road 35 Deer River MN 56636 Toll Free: 877-537-7438 Phone: 218-832-3678
Cedarwild Resort Resorts
Address 35951 County Road 238 Deer River MN 56636 Phone: 218-246-8680
Moose Lake Resort Resorts
Address 36712 County Road 248 Deer River MN 56636 Phone: 218-246-8675
Loon's Landing Contact: Jake & Addy Carstensen
Address 48989 County Road 134 Talmoon MN 56637 Phone: 218-832-3693 Cell Phone: 507-261-6569
Bowstring Shores Resort Resorts / Camping
Address 49231 County Road 173 Deer River MN 56636 Toll Free: 888-832-3101 Phone: 218-832-3101
Wildwood Resort Resorts
Address 35748 Wildwood Road Grand Rapids MN 55744 Toll Free: 888-328-5858 Phone: 218-328-5858
Southwood Resort Resorts
Address 32460 Southwood Road Grand Rapids MN 55744 Toll Free: 888-815-6645 Phone: 218-259-8886