Natural-Traveler-CTAWelcome back to my blog. Isn’t it crazy how fast this summer has gone by? This week I went kayaking on the Mississippi River. Then I attended a Naturalist Program at the Edge of the Wilderness Discovery Center. Both were such fun events, and great for the whole family.

Kayaking the Mississippi River

When you think of the Mississippi River, you may think of fast currents, or dirty river water. However, the section of the Mississippi River that goes through the Grand Rapids area, is calm. It is clear and flows almost like a lake. I was able to go out, and kayak this peaceful river, with a family from Iowa the other day. This family was staying at Hidden Haven Resort for the week, and was really enjoying being up in Minnesota’s nature and surrounded by lakes. We rented some kayaks from Paddle Hoppers, which is a business that sells and rents equipment such as kayaks and stand up paddle boards. The employees at Paddle Hoppers were great, and helped us pick out the right size and type of kayak for our needs.

DSC_0010 (1)

Melissa Tandy, Ana Schurr, Rachel Tandy and Joel Barnes visiting from Iowa


Kayaking on the Mississippi River

Then we headed out on the river, and kayaked for a couple hours. The water was so calm, and you could see the wild rice plants along the edges of the lake growing above the water. We were right in the section of the river that runs through the middle of town, but you would have never guessed that! The water was still, and it was quiet except for the occasional loon calls. A family of loons were swimming along the shoreline keeping an eye on us. Kayaking is such a fun way to get out on the lake. When it’s still nice enough to be outside, but the water is not fit for swimming anymore this is a great activity. We really enjoyed ourselves kayaking, and were so thankful Paddle Hoppers helped us so much.

EOW Naturalist Programs

The Edge of the Wilderness Discovery Center is located right out of Marcell, MN. It is a nice drive down the scenic highway from Grand Rapids. Throughout the summer, they put on Naturalist Programs that are free, informative, and often include hands-on activities and crafts. The programs are almost done for the summer, but continue every summer starting in June. I attended a program called “Busy Bees” by Earl Burnson. It was so much fun learning about bee’s and the whole honey process. Earl even brought in some honey comb and we were able to take fresh honey right off of it and sample a little bit! If you are looking for a scenic drive to view the fall colors, this is a great destination. The program was fun for the whole family, and I learned so much!


Between now and my next week’s blog, I’ll be attending Bovey Farmers Day and testing out some of the dining options in the Grand Rapids area! If you are attending Farmers day, or have a favorite place to eat, tell me about them on Facebook, I want to hear about your experiences! Make sure to check in next week on my blog to hear about my time at these events!