Tom Neustrom Crappie

Warm weather continues into this weekend – Great weekend to be on the lakes!

As we get late into the season, Walleyes tend to not have as many movements in the day as earlier. It is critical to set up early and late in the day on the edges of bars and points. Its critical to drill six to eight holes and hole hop. What happens on the edges and the points and the bars is they use those as travel areas to come from deeper water to shallower in search of food. Moving from hole to hole can be essential to finding these fish when they are on the move. Low light conditions may improve your odds when fishing shallower areas such on edges of weed beds near deeper water. Downsize your spoons to 1/8 ounce and a minnow head and make sure that you do subtle movements, instead of rapped jigging. With the use of your electronics when a fish comes in to the cone make sure that you don’t move your bait very much. At this time of the year the fish are far more lethargic than earlier in the ice season. Most species of fish this time of year are in a slower pattern.

The only exception to the rule are trout and northern pike. They are still very active in cold water as opposed to panfish and walleyes. It is critical this time of year to keep moving and keep drilling several holes. That’s while hole hopping can be critical to success. As it starts to get into the later ice season, the panfish will be more active than most other species. And the trout will continue to bite. Downsize your bait this time of year by using tungsten tubby’s in the 1/16 or 1/32 size. Bait it with a couple wax worms or euro larva. And specifically you see fish on your electronics just above the fish.

Trout fishing can be really good. The opportunities for catching tour is unlimited in the Grand Rapids area as we process several good trout lakes. Not only smaller lakes north of Grand Rapids, but Tioga Pit (near Pokegama Lake) has the opportunity to catch trophy rainbow trout. There are also several lakes in the area through stocking that contain lake trout. Caribou, Pokegama Lake, and Trout (north of Grand Rapids). Live bait is not allowed on most designated trout lakes, but a good presentation is a jig and a white twister tail. Again, when you see fish on the electronics that you move bait into the position of where you see fish. Many times you are going to have to fish as deep 70-90’. Lake Trout are not as territorial as other species and tend to roam. Again drill several holes and use your electronics to find active fish. Other baits that might be considered would be a jigging Rappala and a gold or silver spoons.