Ice Fishing in Grand RapidsGrand Rapids Ice Fishing 3-4-15 by Tom Neustrom, MN Fishing Connections.

The latest snow brought a needed welcome to the Grand Rapids area and winter enthusiasts are taking advantage. Groomed snowmobile trails are greeting folks coming north and the snow shoeing and cross country skiing is at a season’s best. Most of the lakes that have offered good opportunities for panfish throughout the winter, continue to produce excellent catches. Anglers still need to move around looking for active fish and remember to stay with baits that are small. It’s key to use your electronics to check newly drilled holes for suspended crappies and bluegills. Perch have a tendency to be near the bottom and sometimes banging your spoon or jig on the bottom will trigger a strike. As spring approaches start to look for shallow rocks in depths of 12-20 feet. Perch tend to prefer these areas in search of small crayfish that begin to appear.

Get out and enjoy the beautiful last touches of winter. Come join us in Grand Rapids. We will always roll out the red carpet for our visitors. Grand Rapids has lots of overnight lodging options from conveniently located hotels and economical motels, quaint bed and breakfasts and year round resorts with direct lake access. Download the Grand Rapids Visitor Guide or contact a travel specialist at 1-800-355-9740.