Andy Walls September Bass 2016This week’s Grand Rapids Fishing Report by Grant Prokop and Andy Walls, Thousand Lake Sporting Goods.

Muskie: the muskie bite has continued to pick up. As we work closer to winter, the fall bite will continue to get stronger. Muskies can be found transitioning from weed beds to hard bottom rock areas to ambush bait. Bucktails and topwater will continue to produce fish, but rubber baits and crank baits will soon outshine all due to cold temperaturs. Casting rubber baits during peak feeding windows and trolling crank baits during down periods will increase your odds of catching fish!

Walleye: walleyes are starting to group up heavy for winter. Fish can currently be found in 15-22 feet of water outside weeds or on bottom transitions. As the water cools down into the mid 50’s these fish will pulling 7-12 feet of water on main lake points and flats. Trolling or casting crank baits works great to find these groups of fish because they are actively feeding. Once you locate areas with fish go back and use a jig and a minnow or a lindy rig with a big red tail or creek chub and you will put more fish in the boat this fall.

Panfish: as water temps hit the 60 degree mark big schools of bluegill and crappie are more easily found over deep basins of the lake. Look for holes deeper than 20′ adjacent to good weedbeds. 1/32 and 1/16 ounce jigs tipped with 2″ plastics or minnows work great for casting and covering water. When you stumble across big concentrations of fish over that deep water, try holding the boat over the top of them and vertically fishing with #3 Rapala jigging raps. Don’t forget to bring you flashers and ice tackle for this technique too, spoons and tungsten can also be very productive.

Bass: In the fall bass typically group up near the same areas that they go to spawn on in the srping. They will concentrate on any remaining weed cover left in these shallow areas. Sunny days will produce some of the best action as it warms up the water in these areas by mid afternoon. Topwater frogs, Texas rigged plastics, and spinnerbaits will be your top producers.