With fishing opener fast approaching it’s fun to talk about fishing to people. Since this weekend’s like a holiday in Minnesota everybody is so positive and filled with enthusiasm. Here are a few tips to help you land more fish on opening day. For early spring walleyes look to traditional shallow water locations under ten feet. Such as rock structure, river mouths, weed beds, areas with current and warmer water locations where walleyes have spawned and are transitioning to post spawn structures. A jig tipped with a spottail shiner, golden shiner or fathead chub will be the best presentation. When fishing shallow you shouldn’t have to go any heavier than a 1/8th or lighter than 1/16th ounce jig with a slow to mediate jigging technique bouncing off bottom. Try drifting, trolling and casting in these locations while keeping your boat control and speed under .7 mph. Have a safe
opener and good luck fishing!

Fishing Report by: Nik Dimich, Dimich Outdoors