Itasca County Trail Conditions

Muddy ATV drive, Head North to enjoy the trails

Snowmobiling Trail Reports

  • 02-20-17 The weekend’s warm temperature and the rain today pretty much destroyed the trails. Some trails are under water, and some of the lakes have had springs open up. Caution is to be used.
  • 6-17 Itasca County Land Department – Do to warm weather forecast, Alder Pond gate will be closed to protect the road from damage.  May be opened if conditions change.
  • 02-15-17 The Deer River Bushwackers – Groomed the Bushwacker Trail on 2/14/2017. Trail is in good to excellent condition.
  • 02-12-17 Itasca Driftskippers groomed at night and into the morning. With the temps on the rise over the next week and temps running in the 40’s the trails will not last long so get out and enjoy.
  • 02-11-17 Itasca Snow Rangers, groomed the Keystone and Diamond Lake Trails.
  • 02-09-17 Itasca Driftskipper Snowmobile Club, Lawron Riders – all trails groomed and perfect riding conditions.
  • 02-07-17 Haypoint Jackpine Snowmobile Club – Just finished opening the Washburn Lake trail. Another 10.5 miles brushed and groomed. Still found water in the swamp. We have only about 1 mile left to open when the loggers are done on the Quadna Loop.
  • 02-07-17 Itasca Driftskippers – Trails are groomed. It will be a busy week for the Driftskippers and all the clubs in Itasca County with the MNUSA Winter Rendezvous this week and weekend. The groomers will be out doing some extra grooming to keep up with the expected increase in snowmobile traffic. If your out riding keep a lookout for the groomers they can be on the trail at anytime day or night.
  • 02-05-17 Squawlakers Snowmobile Club trails all groomed. In good to excellent riding condition.
  • 02-03-17 Marcell Snowdrifters groomed their trails. Good to Excellent condition.
  • 02-02-17 Itasca Driftskipper Snowmobile Club – Monday after it stopped snowing Jr rolled in the east side of the trail system and the next day (Tuesday) rolled the west side. Jesse Rolled everything north of the lake on Monday and groomed it in on Tuesday. Today I crossed the lake for the first time this season with the Trail Bully and Arrowhead Groomer. Also groomed the east side of the trail system south of the lake to 200. Both units are finally back in the shop. Tomorrow Ken and Jr will groom the west side of the trail system.
  • 02-01-17 Lawron Riders Snowmobile Club – Trails groomed and trails in good riding condition.
  • 02-01-17 Swampsiders Snowmobile Club have groomed all of their trails after Monday’s snowfall. In good to excellent riding condition.
  • 02-01-17 Greenway Snowmobile Club have been grooming their trails, and all of them will be groomed and ready to ride for the weekend.
  • 01-31-17 The SnowRangers groomed the Keystone, diamond Lake, and Hornet Spur trails Saturday night, Jan. 29.  Conditions were good! Please Note:  As of Feb. 1 there will be a short detour on the west end of the Dirty Mike’s Trail adjoining the Taconite Trail.
  • 01-30-17 Haypoint Jackpine Snowmobile Club – With the 4 inches or so of snow received today the Haypoint Jackpine Club will resume grooming Tuesday.  All trails will be freshly groomed by the end of the week.  The trails are extremely icy under the fresh snow so be careful and ride with care!
  • 01-30-17 The Itasca County area (Grand Rapids, Deer River, Bigfork, Coleraine/Bovey) received 6+” of fresh snow. This was a nice addition to the trails.
  • 01-27-17 Itasca Driftskippers Snowmobile Club – Trail report! We are out grooming. Trails will be ride-able after we cut the crust on top of the trails. It should give us enough lose ice to lube the sleds. There are some bare spots on the trail and icy areas to watch for. We groomed the east side of 169 today and is over all flat. We should have the rest of the trails groomed by late afternoon tomorrow.
  • 01-26-17 Marcell Snowdrifters trail updateTrails got beat up pretty bad with the rain, warm temperatures and a lot of sleds. We are out with both groomers now and will be out every night until the weekend. Trails should be in good shape by then. There will be a few bare spots and some corners are going to be slippery. A few swamps and ponds have some water and slush but hopefully will be froze up by the weekend.
  • 01-25-17 Greenway Snowmobile Club –  we lost a lot of snow but still have a bit. We have not groomed since the warm up hit us last week. The trails have bare spots and are now getting icy. We need more snow to get them back to good shape. At this point we’d say they are poor.
  • 01-25-17 Clubs are not able to groom at this time. Trails are fair to poor across Itasca County. Some water springs have appeared, bare spots and icy patches. Please use caution and slow down.Cooler temperatures on the way with changes of snow into next week.
  • 01-23-2017  Trails have deteriorated over the weekend. Snowmobile trails are showing signs of dirt patches and ice. Please use caution. Snow possibilities coming towards the end of the week.
  • 01-18-2017 The Swampsiders snowmobile club was able to get across their beaver flow-age and get everything groomed up to the Circle L Trail. They will be working on getting the Scenic State Park section groomed. There was a lot of traffic over the weekend so they need to do some touch up between the Taconite and Antler Store. They will also make another full trip this week to get ready for the weekend. The Marcel Snowdrifters have almost all of their trails groomed and in good condition. The Taconite trail is being groomed from Highway 73 West to Grand Rapids today. Riding conditions should be good. Use caution and watch for logging activity along the trail. The Squaw Lake Ave Pines groomed all their trails the beginning of this week.
  • 01-12-2017  The Haypoint trails are coming along pretty good now. The have gotten to both ends of a beaver dam near Shingle Mill Lake in Itasca County.  Very wet but packed and groomed now.  We have one small swamp near Taylor Lake to open yet but can get around. DriftSkippers trail North of Pokegama is groomed, West side is groomed, and the East side is groomed! Greenway Snowmobile club has laid down some very nice trails! Swampsiders most of their trails are groomed and they are in fair condition. There is a section of trail from scenic state park to south of our beaver dam that we have not yet gotten to. We realize there are a couple trees that are in the trail but you can go through there it’s cut out for a sled. Also keep in mind these trails are not quite good enough to be classified as 100 mph trail yet give us another week and a snowstorm and they should be a 100mph trail. The Taconite Trail has been cleared and packed. They are making the first grooming run of the season on the Day Brook Trail intersection. The first 40 miles of the trail will be groomed and riding conditions should be fair to good. Use caution and watch for logging activity along the trail.
  • 01-04-17  The Greenway Snowmobile club has completed the reroute on the Blackberry trail. If you are on the Blackberry trail, please use caution on the new section. They will be out grooming this week to help smooth things out in there and in the rest of our trails. The Marcell Snowdrifters ask that you please stay on the trail in Marcell and use Northwind Road to access Frontier Sports gas station. The ditch along highway 38 has open water and mud in it, and people are getting stuck. The Driftskipper Trail from La Plant Rd. south to mile marker 5 is groomed . Cook Lake, Splithand Lake Spur, and Scenic Spur are also groomed. As of now they have about 22 miles of the 72 mile trail system groomed. SnowRangers groomed the Keystone, Diamond Lake, and Hornet Spur and conditions are good. The Squaw Lake Ave Pines trail has been groomed. The trails in Lawrence lake area are rideable but caution should be used on the old power line that runs north and south that’s northwest of Petrich’s store (the stretch between Co Rd 59 and Co Rd 50 as the groomer broke through some of the swamps). The trails going north of Nashwauk past Buck lake are still being cleared and packed. Please use caution on all Lawron Trail systems. Bushwacker reports a very good base of snow and the trails are groomed. The trail is in great shape. A normal note of caution to stay on trail, especially the power line west of Hwy 38 because of large rocks and guy wires.
  • 12-28-16 All of the Driftskipper Trail systems are packed and cleared of windfalls. Due to the rain and melted snow some of the trails flooded and are now sheets of ice. The Greenway Snowmobile club has been working on the two reroutes that needed to be done on the Blackberry trail. All of the trails are clear and open. Crews have nearly completed clearing and packing the Taconite Trail between Grand Rapids and Highway 73. They anticipate the first grooming run to occur sometime within the next two weeks depending on new snowfall and freezing temperatures to harden wetland crossings. Please use extreme caution if riding any area snowmobile trails. All trails are getting cleared still. Lawrence lake trails are cleared and packed, Nashwauk and north trails are packed and still getting cleared up by buck lake. The groomer will be getting out sometime in the week to start panning. The Squaw Lake Ave Pines trail is groomed and open.
  • 12-19-16 Greenway Snowmobile Club was out packing the trails and bogs, removing debris, and looking to roll the trails later this week. Taconite Trail area have lots of debris and trees as a result of the heavy snow storm a few weeks back. We are expecting sub freezing temperatures during the next week which will help to freeze swamps and provide trails crews with access to clear debris and downed trees. Trails are in poor condition and caution should be exercised before grooming begins.
  • 12-12-16 Many Itasca County Snowmobile Clubs have started to pack snow, but no grooming is happening yet. Bogs not froze, and 2-4″ of ice on area lakes and rivers. Caution is to be had while out on the trails.
  • 12-1-16 The Grand Rapids, Minnesota area and Itasca County Snowmobile Trails are NOT open yet. We have snow, but the lakes, rivers and bogs are not frozen yet. Please check back for updates weekly.

Additional Information can be found on the following Facebook Pages:

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Taconite Snowmobile Trail

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Skiing Trail Reports – For specific individual ski trails report, please visit:

  • 02-17-17 Northern Lights Nordic Ski Club Report – Ski mid-day. Trails are icy in the morning. Warm temps today Friday will soften groomed ski trails so they are skiable, but each morning they will be hazardous to ski with ruts from the previous day. No grooming likely. Rain next week may completely obliterate tracks on some trails. Alder Pond road is closed due to muddy conditions. Mt Itasca man-made snow will likely hold up this weekend for MYSL on Sundayand into the next weekend for MYSL, ski jumping and snowboarding tournaments.
  • 02-10-17 Big ridge, wabana and alder pond have been groomed and track set. All three trails are in great shape with fresh snow and a good base.
  • 02-09-17 Blueberry Hills, Big Ridge, Portage Park and MN Power groomed. Good conditions!
  • 02-09-17 NLNSC volunteers groomed Amen, Suomi, Joyce on Trout, Mt Itasca, Legion, and Sugar. Probably groomed: DNR Cowhorn, Boomer Blue and Golden Anniversary on River Road. County: Alder Pond, Wabana, Big Ridge.
  • 02-02-17 Cohasset ski trails are groomed: MN Power and Portage Park
  • 02-01-17 After the fresh snowfall that we received on Monday, January 30th – most of the trails have been groomed and are in excellent condition for cross country skiing. Check out for more information.
  • 1-17 Nice fresh 6″ snow is groomed/ track set on North & South Suomi trails. Mt Itasca and Amen groomed.
  • 01-29-17 Stoney Ridge north of Nashwauk is groomed and track set! Sugar Hills and Mt Itasca, too. ALL OTHER TRAILS ARE TOO ICY TO GROOM UNTIL MORE SNOW.
  • 01-28-17 The trails are groomed at the Forest History Center. They are hard-packed and frozen due to the lack of new snow, but we able to get them leveled out and fairly smooth. We were not able to drop in tracks with the groomer, but there are remnants of the old tracks still in place on most of the trails. The Forest of Today, River, and Swamp trails are fair and fast with corn snow. Conditions are really good for fat tire biking. Sylvan Point Trail is poor for skiing and biking due to bumpiness. Get out and enjoy winter!
  • 01-27017  Mt Itasca is groomed & tracked. Sugar Hills skate lane is skiable. Most trails are too icy to groom until we get more snow.
    Sugar Hills skate lane has been roughed up and is skiable. Mt Itasca lower loops, Service Road and upper main trails were groomed yesterday, but not all the steep downhills are tilled yet. More grooming is expected Friday night, so all trails should be good for the weekend.
  • 01-25-17 We still have a solid base of snow on all trails, but re-frozen ice is not easily groomed. Only Mount Itasca’s Pisten Bully can till and re-set tracks and this was done yesterday so skiing is again excellent there on most of the trail system. Sugar Hills skate lane has been roughed up so it is skiable but the tracks are icy and scary fast.
  • 01-04-17  The Suomi, Joyce Estate on Trout Lake, Legion, Sugar Hills, Alder Pond, and Wabana trails are all groomed and tracked.
  • 12-29-16 Groomers have reported that the Mount Itasca, Sugar Hills, Suomi, Amen, Joyce Estate on Troutlake, Legion, Blueberry, and Cowhorn trails are packed and tracked since the Christmas ice storm.
  • 12-19-16 The Northern Lights Nordic Ski Club has been out checking trails and removing debris where they can, some grooming is being done and packing of the trails, but not enough snow for grooming yet. All of the trails are open, but some of the trails you may be making your own tracks.
  • 12-7-16 Skiers are welcome on any trail to ski in their own track. Below are the reports pulled from
  • 12-7-16 At Mount Itasca received 8 inches of snow, all the trails are groomed, except trails where is snow being made. Snow on the man-made loop will be groomed on Friday, December 16 ready for Saturday, December 17.
  • 12-7-16 Legion the trail has been rolled and combed. The trail is pretty rough. There were a couple of rocks peaking through on one downhill. Did not set track.
  • 12-1-16 At this time, the cross country ski trails in the Grand Rapids, Minnesota and Itasca County are open, but snow conditions are not quite ideal. We received 18 inches of heavy snow before Thanksgiving, but a lot of that snow has melted. Since then we receive snow each day. Some days we receive an inch or so and some days we are receiving 2-4 inches. Currently there is between 6-10″ of snow on the ground. Check back weekly for grooming updates for particular trails.

Remember to purchase your Great MN Ski Pass and make a donation for the grooming!

Updated trail conditions will be posted on and

For More information about Mount Itasca contact them at (218) 326-1313 or follow them on Facebook

A ski pass is required on Mt Itasca trails and the Great MN Ski Pass is required on all Itasca County Ski Trails.  Membership information to the Northern Lights Nordic Ski Club is available by calling 218-326-1313 or email: 

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From ride planning to managing your vehicles, we provide you with the tools to plan your next adventure!

From ride planning to managing your vehicles, we provide you with the tools to plan your next adventure!

How Are The Trails In Itasca County?

In Grand Rapids we celebrate Winter and all of the outdoor recreation that is available.  This page is designated to post the Itasca County Trail Conditions for Hiking, Biking, Cross Country Skiing and Snowmobiling. We want to thank the trail managers, snowmobile clubs, Itasca County and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for keeping us updated as to conditions.  We post updated trail conditions as they are made available. In Grand Rapids, we are proud to be in Minnesota’s Nature.

Ski or Snowmobile Through Northern Minnesota

The cross country ski trails are available for year-round enjoyment.  Snowmobile trails are open each year from December 1 to April 1.  Some trails may open or close earlier based on seasonal conditions. Snowmobile trails are maintained by the local Minnesota snowmobile clubs and the Department of Natural Resources. The local clubs rely on their member volunteers to keep this trail system in top condition. Please support them in any way you can and respect the trails you ride.




ATV Trail Reports

  • 3-18-2016 Railroad grade ATV/OHV Trails will open April 1st.  The rest of the ATV/OHV Trails will open May 14th.

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