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So you’ve finally arrived at the perfect vacation destination spot. How long did it take you to plan this vacation? How did you go about looking up resources? Most likely, you searched for your destination online several times over, trying various phrases and keywords to help you figure out the schedule and daily activities. But – wouldn’t it be nice if someone who has done the research already had it compiled somewhere – easily accessible, and for free? Good news!

When we heard about all of the time and effort spent researching cool places and events around Grand Rapids, we came up with a solution: the 2015 Visitor Guide!

PICTURE 1Easy to Use Format

Arranged in a format that is grouped according to categories (shopping, seasonal events, lakes & rivers, and coupons, to name a few), it is a guide that no visitor or resident of Grand Rapids, MN should be without.

Updated Information

The Grand Rapids Visitor’s Guide, compiled with the help and cooperation of businesses throughout the area, is updated yearly. This means that the coupons and events listed within will be usable throughout the 2015 year.

2015 visitor guide

The images and coupons on this guide are linked directly to their company’s website or facebook page, for your ease of reference.


The Visitors Guide, available online, is an interactive pdf file. This means that many of the images and key phrases are linked to the business or event website or facebook page, allowing for ease of reference. If the details of an event change from the time of the Guide’s compilation to the date of the event itself, these links will come in handy to double check on times, dates, places, etc.


Although much time and effort was invested into the making of the Visitor’s Guide, we wanted to make sure that it was available free of charge.

What Are You Waiting For?

With such a resource at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? Download the 2015 Visitors Guide today, share it with your friends!

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