Welcome back to my blog. This week I had a fun time at the Itasca County Fair and stand up paddle boarding!

Itasca County Fair

The Itasca County Fair has been going on since 1892! It last for five days every August. So much is always going on, includes a midway, food and beverages, entertainment, and animal shows. There is also exhibits, games, the speedway, camping and much more! The fair has always been an event I love going to, ever since I was little. Eating fair food, petting animals in the children’s barn and riding on the tilt-a-whirl have always been some of my favorite fair activities.


Fun on the midway at the Itasca County Fair

Tall pine trees and rustic buildings make the Itasca County fair grounds such a beautiful area. Along with the pines, the fairgrounds are overlooking Crystal Lake. As the evening settled in, you could see the sun light gleaming off of the water, and people were loving the gorgeous evening! Families were enjoying all of the rides, and as a result of all the people, the food stands were busy. Towards the end of the night you could hear the speedway endurance race getting going! I had so much fun at the fair this year, and loved seeing all of the people there having fun as well.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Grand Rapids is so lucky to have the store Paddle Hoppers in its area. This store sells and rents kayaks, stand up paddle boards and much more! Paddle Hoppers even offers day trips were they will take you out on a paddling adventure for a day! This week, I rented out a couple stand up paddle boards, and headed out to Trout Lake in Coleraine, MN. A local family came along with me to try out paddle boarding. It was a little windy the day we went, but we all had a lot of fun!


Local family, the Hernesmans, enjoying stand up paddle boarding

The water was still warm, but we really didn’t have to worry about that. The paddle boards were so stable none of us fell in! After paddling for a while though, we all jumped in and enjoyed the warm water. I had a lot of fun watching Marley, the little girl, paddle with her parents, and show off her jumping skills as she jumped off the board over and over again.

Between now and my next week’s blog, I’m going to try out some kayaking and head over to the Edge of the Wilderness Discovery Center for one of their Naturalists Programs! If you have a favorite memory kayaking, tell me about it on Facebook, I want to hear about your experiences! Make sure to check in next week on my blog to hear about my time at these events!