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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

At this point, spring is well underway, though the air is still brisk. Rather than stay within doors and “wait it out,” we’d like to share with you a little secret: even though prime vacation season for Minnesota runs from June – September, there are some ways to experience the best of Minnesota Vacations in March. How? Just step outside…

What To Watch For


The sunrise today was marked at 7:23am. Many commuters are privy to the breathtaking sight of an early spring sunrise, breaking up the March monotony. If your commute leads you east, leave a few minutes early to stop along the way and snap some sunrise photos.

Best accessory to a morning sunrise: a cup of fresh-brewed coffee.


Part of the vacationing fun is coming back with souvenirs to use in decorating your home and giving away as gifts. Hint: look in the area around the Old Central School for unique stained glass, yarn, clothing and more!

Best accessory to a day out shopping: a full bank account.

Unexpected art

minnesota vacations

A late winter photo of some young aspens.

Speaking of snapping a sunrise photo, there are many unexpected photo opportunities if you take the time to look. The above image is from one of our locals, who was running errands when she noticed a picture-perfect copse of young aspen trees behind the parking lot of a business. The moment was perfect, and she captured the view on film.

Best accessory to finding the perfect picture: a working camera.

A Night Away

Sometimes it’s nice just to get away for a bit. Pick a day and head out to your favorite hotel or resort, and enjoy the luxuries available, whether it’s time spent in a hot tub, a fabulous dinner, or just a good continental breakfast.

Best accessory to a relaxing night away: a good meal.

A Spring hike

There are many trails and State Parks near Grand Rapids that offer a fresh look at early spring growth. Although most plants don’t begin to bloom until April, young sprouts will be visible as soon as the weather warms up. Keep an eye out for wildlife in the area, as well!

Best accessory to a spring hike: a walking stick and sunglasses.

Don’t despair yet! Go out and start your car, let it warm up, and then head out for your “Early Spring Minnesota Vacation” adventure!

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