We’ve had a lot of fun looking at the many reasons why Grand Rapids offers an unforgettable experience for a MN vacation.  Here’s a recap of the top 5 reasons why visiting Grand Rapids may be the best choice you make in 2015: 

Reason 5: The FoodCouple Dining in Grand Rapids mn vacation

Food tends to be a highlight wherever you go, regardless of the destination city, state, or country.

What makes the Grand Rapids dining experience unique is the huge variety of options – all available within a short driving distance.

From the comfortable, laid back environment of Brewed Awakenings to the  rustic Cedar Creek Grill – to the delicious desert options of Bridgeman’s Embers Family and Casual Dining, there is a little something for everyone.

Add Zorbaz on the Lake to the mixture, and you have a relaxing summer dining experience waiting for you.

Reason 4: The LakesPeople Jumping in the Lake during a MN vacation

We thought the lakes would make a nice #4 for Grand Rapids.  They are many, they are popular – and they are beautiful.

The largest and most famous of these is Lake Pokegema, located just south of town, although there are numerous connecting and surrounding lakes that are also great for water sports, fishing, and leisure boating.

Avid fisherman are even now planning their trips to the area for the spring opener, ready for the “keepers” of spring 2015.

Others enjoy the opportunity to get the pontoon out to explore the fresh waters and sunshine.

Reason 3: The Wildernessvisit grand rapids in the wilderness mn vacation

If you’re looking for solitude – the wilderness around Grand Rapids has earned spot #3 for a reason.

There are hundreds of thousands of acres of virgin forests just waiting to be explored.

Take the local ATV/OHV trails for a quick journey into the wilderness, or connect with one of the hiking trails for a quiet walk of solitude to simply enjoy nature.

In fact, the Edge of the Wilderness Discovery Center is the perfect place to expand your knowledge about the flora and fauna of northern Minnesota, and is a must-visit destination for all wildlife enthusiasts.

Grand Rapids LodgingReason 2: The Lodging

The Lodging availability is one of the main reasons why thousands of visitors journey to Grand Rapids every year.

The resort owners take their task seriously: to provide a wholesome, relaxing, restful experience for their guests.

They are also great at connecting visitors with the activities and opportunities available to them during their vacation time.

Check out the Lodging Amenities Guide that is full of the specifics of the types of lodging available, the amenities that each one offers, and current contact information for booking a stay.

 Events in Grand RapidsReason 1: The Events

And here we are at #1!  From the World’s Largest Wild Rice Festival just down the road in Deer River to the Wizard of Oz Festival, Grand Rapids takes its events very seriously.  Regardless of when your next Minnesota vacation is going to take place, you can be sure there will be an exciting, unforgettable event to attend here – in Minnesota’s nature.

Are You Ready to Visit Grand Rapids?