Quad rider jumping on a muddy forest trail.

We are entering a season that we refer to as MUD SEASON in northern Minnesota.  This season is perfect for ATV/OHV riding! We welcome you to join us for opening season this spring. Please keep in mind that some roadways and trails may be closed during the spring due to wet conditions in forest, parks, recreation areas and wildlife management areas.  Please refer to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Trail Conditions.

In the Grand Rapids area we have five designated trails for ATV/OHV with additional trails being scheduled for development in 2016 and 2017.  There is an active group working on an ATV trail connection from Smith Creek Trail to the south end of Grand Rapids that has been proposed for 2017.  Right now these five trails connect to

Each trail has open dates, difficulty assignment, and classification of types of ATV/OHV that are allowed. We have listed below a quick and easy guide to help navigate the Itasca County Trails.  Please note that the Alvwood/Squaw Lake Trail system has not yet been GPS and mapped, but it is expected to be mapped in 2016.

MN DNR ATV TrailsUPM/Blandin  Trail
Open: May 15, 2016 through October 31, 2016
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 21 miles
Connection Trails: Northwoods Trail System
Vehicles Allowed: ATV Class I and Class II and OHM

Alborn/Pengilly Trail:
Open: April 1, 2016-November 30, 2016
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 39 miles
Connection Trails: Northland/Goodland Trail
Vehicles Allowed: ATV Class I and Class II

Thistledew Trail:
Open: April 1, 2016-November 30, 2016
Difficulty: More Difficult
Length: 25 miles
Vehicles Allowed: ATV Class I and Class II

Little Moose Trail:
Open: May 15, 2016-October 31, 2016
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 18 miles
Vehicles Allowed: ATV Class I and Class II and OHM

blog-DSC_0462 (3)Riding in the Grand Rapids area you will experience trails that lead through the forest with connection to gas and bars and restaurants. Each trail is unique to the area. On one trail you might experience tight corners and winding hills, and another you might have long straight aways.  You will have stunning overlook areas, trails created amongst bog areas, and pine and deciduous forests. The trail are maintained by volunteers of local ATV/OHV Clubs and provided Grant in Aid funding.  ATV/OHV riders are encouraged to join and support your local ATV/OHM Clubs. For more information about how to locate a local club near you contact ATVAM (All Terrain Vehicle Association of MN).

The fees to ride these trails are paid through your Minnesota ATV/OHM registration. There is a Minnesota Non-Resident OHM Fee  pass.  The resident registration/licensing can be paid at Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicle locations, and non-residents can register and pay online or they can register and pay in person at Minnesota Game and Fish License Agents and Deputy Registration Offices.

Visit Grand Rapids is working with City of Grand Rapids, Itasca County, and local trails groups to develop an ATV Trail that would connect into the City of Grand Rapids.  This would connect off of the UPM/Blandin Trail that is south of Grand Rapids 9 miles.

We encourage you to come ride Spring through the Fall in the Grand Rapids, Minnesota area.  There are lots of places to stay in the Grand Rapids, Minnesota area. From conveniently located Hotels/Motels, quaint B&B’s, Minnesota Family Resorts, Lake Homes for Rent, and Camping.  You will find a wide variety of amenities offered from economical level to four star properties that include all of the on-sight amenities, like .  The choice is yours.


Download Itasca ATV Trail Map